Alice Francis

Hits singles SHOOT HIM DOWN and ST. JAMES BALLROOM, on tour with Parov Stelar, on stage with Alicia Keys or Whycleff Jean, and their own world tour … Now, with their second album »ELECTRIC SHOCK« , Miss Francis, mastermind Goldielocks and their fabulous musicians have liberated themselves from pure electro-swing to enhance their own, unique musical profile. The new sound ranges from finest neo swing to glaring pop to groovy hip hop. Between rap songs, Alice Francis sings, sighs and purrs; she dances swing of the Roaring Twenties and hip hop virtually at the same time. An incredibly postmodern, trend-setting band that confidently says: That’s today’s Jazz!

Band members:
Miss Francis (Romania)
Mr. Goldielocks (Germania)
Sir Chul-Min Yoo (Korea)

Hip Hop, Swing, Electro, Jazz, Swingtronic

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