Sound Nomaden

Sound Nomaden (DE) is the synonym for one of the most active DJ and producer focused on Electro Swing and Global Beats based in Germany. He’s a pioneer in mixing Swing, Jazz and World with House and Electro beats making every crowd getting totally crazy to his positive sound. His track “The Trumpet” got big support out of the worldwide Electro Swing scene and more than 800.000 plays on YouTube.

After the release of his long awaited debut album “Madame” in 2014, Sound Nomaden is constantly touring Clubs and Festivals all over Europe. In 2016 he’s back on the road again to present his latest singles “Swing It” and “Swinguin” to his growing fanbase.

On Tour Sound Nomaden (DE) and his partner in crime MSP, who fascinates through his expressive Live-Sax performances, create a perfect symbiosis between Live and DJ-Set, between old and new. Be prepared for a powerful vintage rave!

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