Speakeasy Streets – All Dat Jazz (Jamie Berry Remix)

There have been a few live bands that made a name for themselves in the world of vintage remix. First it was Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar, fusing European house and swing, but now Speakeasy Streets are bringing it back to the USA.

Speakeasy Streets hail from Brooklyn NY, and as soon as the band starts to play, you can hear that vintage New York Sound in their music.

Drawing on the wealth of history from the city that has shaped so many genres, Speakeasy Streets have been stalwarts of the Brooklyn scene with big shows at the likes of The Bowery Electric and the Brooklyn Bowl.

Since launching the debut album Back Alley Beats early in 2021, the Electro Swing/Vintage remix world has stood up and taken notice of their unique sound.

Speakeasy Streets are a live band with tons of energy, and are a perfect choice for remixers to bring the songs into the electronic world of Electro Swing. Jamie Berry has had a string of successes in the Electro Swing world and is now one of the most prolific DJs and producers on the scene. Jamie takes the Speakeasy Streets track ‘All Dat Jazz’ to new levels putting the lyrics of Brooklyn born and bred MC Repitwa front and centre with heavy brass stabs and turntable rockin beats.

Release Date: 2021-11-09
Label: Ragtime Records (UK)

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