DUHAN feat. Max the Sax – Ask the Dust

The producer Duhan from Slovakia comes around with his new single “Ask the Dust”, a deep Electro Swing track that fits perfect to autumn.

The Austrian saxophonist Markus Ecklmayr from Linz, also known as Max the Sax, who became famous as a former player in the Parov Stelar Band, was invited to collaborate. Duhan was impressed of his expressive style and unique saxophone improvisations.

“Ask the Dust” combines dance beats with dusty swing samples and contrasts them with live saxophone and atmospheric sounds of the synthesizer. Swing elements serve as an interface between the styles of both musicians. “I’m kind of a producer who likes to combine different genres. It’s always a challenge to combine it in a varied but not excessive way, ”says Duhan. The new release was released on the MAX THE SAX RECORDS label.

Stream & Download “Ask the Dust” HERE!

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