Betty Booom – Jive Me Crazy

Betty Booom loves the sun and summer. Her new Swing Hop track “Jive Me Crazy” combines the era of the Roaring Twenties with bouncing Hip Hop beats. Electro Swing has now arrived all over the world and Betty from Cape Town imported the genre to South Africa and is now a well-known DJ and producer in her region. A smooth swing for the hot temperatures to cool off, that’s exactly what everyone needs now! #JiveMeCrazy 🌞🏖️🍦🌴

01. Betty Booom – Jive Me Crazy

Release Date: 2021-08-18

Composer & Producer: Rade Maksimovic
Label: Electro Swing Thing / Catalog No: ESTSP009
© + ℗ 2021 Electro Swing Thing

Biography – Betty Booom

Betty Booom is 27 years old, comes from Cape Town in South Africa and loves electronic but also handmade music. She started playing in bars and clubs 10 years ago and has played at several festivals in her country. As a DJ, she has a penchant for combining techno and house with old music elements and integrating them into her sets.

In her childhood she had piano lessons for years and her whole family consists of musicians who play all instruments. Her father’s passion for collecting vinyl and the genres of jazz, swing, soul and disco shaped her taste in music. the last years she has been able to improve her skills as a producer so that she now publishes her own music. It’s an interesting mix of styles, something completely new, you could possibly describe it with techno swing.

As a DJ, she has a penchant for combining Techno and House with vintage music elements and integrating them into her sets. In her new track “Balkan Bang” she made it with Klezmer brass sections, a touch of Electro Swing, Gypsy and a very deep bass line in combination with an absolutely club beat in pure Balkan beat style. And it always keeps boooming and boooming again!

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