Best of Disco Swing Mix 1

There’ve been loads of Electro Swing tracks and remixes mixed with Disco lately. A new subgenre or style is emerging that crosses E-Swing and Disco elements. It fits together very well and the Nu-Hi-NRJ, the funky basslines and the 70s & 80s synthesizers give the genre a fresh coat of paint and a completely new fashion color. Now let’s enjoy the comeback of the Roaring Twenties and Disco House! #ItMustSchwing 🔥💃🎩🙌

With tracks by: Taco, Dirty Honkers, Deladap, The Swing Bot, Loredana Grimaudo, Right Said Fred, The Manhattan Transfer, Klischée, Tape Five, Kumiho, Duke Skellington, DINKS, Alex Larke, DJ Mibor, Annella, Varrick Frost, Alanna Lyes, Gramophonedzie, PiSk, Cut Capers, Alvin Chea, Justin Turner, Gani Tapir, Offbeat, Darren Fewins and Wolfgang Lohr

0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:05 Taco – Puttin’ On The Ritz (Disco Mix)
0:04:12 Dirty Honkers – Starlow
0:08:08 Deladap – Music Has The Power (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:10:59 The Swing Bot – Waves of 84
0:16:28 The Manhattan Transfer – Twilight Tone (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:19:31 Welcome to the Brass Department (Klischée Remix)
0:22:45 Upside Down (PiSk Remix) [feat. Alanna Lyes]
0:25:47 Right Said Fred – Let’s Face The Music And Dance (Philip Larsen Rmx)
0:30:55 Annella Love Music
0:33:53 DJ Mibor feat. Alanna Lyes – Hideaway
0:38:08 Gramophonedzie – No Sugar (Club Mix)
0:44:20 DINKS feat. Alex Larke – Dancing Cheek to Cheek
0:47:14 Kumiho – Spooky (Duke Skellington Remix)
0:50:51 Darren Fewins – If Swing Goes, I Go Too (Nicola Schenetti Remix)
0:54:25 Tape Five – Ballroom Troopers
0:57:54 DJ Mibor – Robot Swing
1:03:20 The Swing Bot – Rollin Ramblers
1:07:01 Cut Capers – Say What (PiSk Electro Swing Remix)
1:10:11 Wolfgang Lohr & Loredana Grimaudo – Twenties
1:13:16 Gramophonedzie – Why Don’t You
1:18:08 DJ Mibor – G-Note
1:20:43 Wolfgang Lohr & Varrick Frost feat. Alanna Lyes – Sweet Dreams
1:23:45 The Swing Bot – Douce Overdose
1:27:17 Wolfgang Lohr & DJ Mibor feat. Offbeat – Very Nice People
1:30:15 Alvin Chea – The Way You Look Tonight (Malachi Mott Remix)
1:34:39 Justin Turner feat. Gani Tamir – Night And Day (Wolfgang Lohr & Justin Fidèle Remix)

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