Best of Electro Swing Mix – August 2020

We have now arrived in August 2020 and are back for you with the Best of Electro Swing Mix!

We are currently experiencing a real release flood in our small subgenre. Even the major labels Warner and Sony launched with RUM SHAKERS and Damien N-Drix & MorganJ two new projects, who previously had nothing to do with Electro Swing. Is this actually maybe a tiny little trend that really triggers the comeback of the Golden Twenties in 2020? We’ll see!

Otherwise, let yourself be surprised by many different styles and artists from all over the world and the entire Electro Swing universe.

The old hands like Jamie Berry and Atom Smith are regularly back again and also nice to see that newcomers like Riff Kitten, Glenn Gatsby, Crazy Red Balls, Szigeti Juli and Betty Booom always showing new creative pieces of their musically work.

Alanna Lyes is currently definitely the queen of Electro Swing, with her grand voice and collaboration openness she is represented with four tracks in this mix… You can’t go without her!

We are changing again from the pulsating Swing House over Neo Swing to more relaxed Swing Hop. Check out the brand new mix because it’s #TrendySince2020! 💃🎷🎩🕺🎛

Including Artists

Atom Smith, Alanna Lyes, Jamie Berry, Glenn Gatsby, Szigeti Juli, LVDS, Varrick Frost, Kiwistar & Josh and Le Chat, Riff Kitten, Musique Boutique, Melinda Stoika, Deladap, Emma Clair, Betty Booom, Madam Misfit, RUM SHAKERS, Crazy Red Balls, Kalletti Klub, Damien N-Drix & MorganJ, FatherlyShrimp and Wolfgang Lohr


0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:05 Madam Misfit – Feels a Little Strange
0:03:16 Jamie Berry, Who’s That
0:06:10 Glenn Gatsby – Take It Easy
0:09:01 Atom Smith ft. Elliot Deutsch – Comin’ Up Swinging
0:12:33 Wolfgang Lohr & Alanna Lyes – Golden Twenties
0:15:39 Musique Boutique – La Boutique De La Musique
0:18:38 Emma Clair & Alanna Lyes – Walking On A Cloud
0:21:53 Varrick Frost – Sea Dance
0:26:02 Kiwistar & Josh and Le Chat – BVLKVN
0:28:33 Betty Booom – Balkan Bang
0:31:44 RUM SHAKERS – MAMMA (feat. Beniamino Gigli & P.Moody)
0:34:16 Atom Smith feat. Burkey & Muss Emmma – Voodoo Queen
0:37:37 Damien N-Drix & MorganJ – Sing Swing (feat. Anne July)
0:40:34 Kalletti Klub – Reefer Man
0:44:17 Jamie Berry – Buffalo’s Ballroom
0:47:19 Szigeti Juli – Ain’t Nobody (Electro Swing Cover)
0:51:08 Deladap – Hello Hurry
0:53:44 Riff Kitten – Hide & Seek
0:57:10 Crazy Red Balls – Moon Fly
0:59:39 Riff Kitten ft. Alanna Lyes – Catatonic
1:02:52 LVDS & Alanna Lyes feat. FatherlyShrimp – One Taste
1:05:57 Varrick Frost – Lockdown
1:08:43 Madam Misfit – M.U.M

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