Best of Electro Swing Mix – December 2019

Let’s Swing Back & Forward To The Roaring 20’s!
The year turns the last round and in December it is now going up to Christmas and the New Year. We say Welcome Back 20’s, finally they are back soon, after 100 years, the Roaring 20’s! Our new mix with the best tracks for the month of December includes only brand new Electro Swing and unpublished tracks. We’ve saved up with Christmas music, as there will be a separate Xmas Collection Volume 4 in the coming days! #ItMustSchwing 🎉💃

With tracks by: Alanna Lyes, DJ ZsuZsu, Tape Five, Glenn Gatsby, PiSk, Emma Clair, Riff Kitten, Minimatic, Balduin, Little Violet, DJ Mibor, Phos Toni, Antoine Villoutreix, Harvey Miller, James Jive, Crazy Red Balls and Wolfgang Lohr

0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:04 Louis Armstrong – Zat You Santa Claus (DJ ZsuZsu & Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:01:47 Tape Five – Party Like Its 1929
0:04:56 Riff Kitten – Swag Rag
0:08:15 PiSk – Hummin’ To Myself
0:11:33 Glenn Gatsby – Whats The Reason
0:14:33 Tape Five – Happy
0:18:01 Minimatic – Doo Ding
0:22:06 DJ Mibor feat. Alanna Lyes – Hideaway
0:26:21 Wolfgang Lohr feat. Alanna Lyes – Upside Down (PiSk Remix)
0:29:25 Phos Toni – Baby Swing
0:32:33 Tape Five – Ballroom Troopers
0:36:02 Emma Clair – Need To Swing
0:39:33 Little Violet – Silent Movie
0:42:46 Peggy Lee – Winter Wonderland (DJ ZsuZsu & Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:45:12 Minimatic – Jump Down Flute
0:49:06 Fabian Scheuerlein & Balduin – Nah Neh Nah
0:52:10 PiSk feat. Cab Calloway – Jumpin’ Jive
0:55:43 Tape Five – Lady Moustache
0:58:58 Harvey Miller & James Jive feat. Crazy Red Balls – You ain’t heard nothing yet
1:02:30 Antoine Villoutreix – Wie Wunderschön (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
1:06:16 Minimatic – Rue de Siam
1:10:48 Riff Kitten – Kicked To The Curb

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