Best of Electro Swing Mix – March 2020

The new Best of Electro Swing March Mix is ​​here and we have loads of fresh and unpublished tracks for you on board. Let yourself be guided through the genres of Swing House, Neo Swing, Dark Swing, Lounge Swing, G-Swing and Swing Hop and pamper your ears.

Since the comeback of the Roaring Twenties, the genre has had a little hype again and the productions have become more numerous and diverse. Chapeau and enjoy our Best of Selection for March! #WelcomeBack20s 💃🎷🎩🕺🎛

Including Artists: Dreams Shadow, Freakpower, Hans Wachsmann, Ashley Slater, Duke Skellington, DJ Davidian, Alanna Lyes, Right Said Fred, Schinowatz, Offbeat, Varrick Frost, Honky Crew, Nina Zeitlin, Little Violet, Free Shots, Jamie Berry, Papa Tony, Riff Kitten, Spekrfreks, Fedde Le Grand, Mr. Jazzek, ProleteR, 11 Acorn Lane, Odd Chap, Yabloko Moloko and Wolfgang Lohr

0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:05 Honky Crew – Can’t Stop
0:02:59 Riff Kitten – Never Mine
0:05:50 Dreams Shadow – Born Swing
0:08:47 Freak Power – The Afterbeat
0:11:44 Little Violet – Limits (Jamie Berry Remix)
0:14:43 Free Shots – Dance Monkey
0:00:00 Right Said Fred – Let’s Face The Music And Dance
0:21:05 Fedde Le Grand – Dancing Shoes
0:24:35 Tiny Parham – Snake Eyes (Schinowatz Remix)
0:28:02 Hans Wachsmann – Delirium
0:31:08 Yabloko Moloko – Plastic Bop
0:36:07 Wolfgang Lohr & Offbeat feat. Nina Zeitlin – Swing In Spring
0:39:08 DJ Davidian – Rap Manouche
0:43:43 Odd Chap – Hang On
0:47:28 Duke Skellington – Dames
0:50:34 Varrick Frost – Luci’s Game
0:54:43 Bee’s Knees (Melleefresh vs. Spekrfreks)
0:58:10 Duke Skellington feat. Alanna Lyes – My Mind
1:01:23 Papa Tony Vs Public Enemy Vs Hijack – Kwinto Criminal
1:06:07 Odd Chap – Telegraph
1:10:08 Offbeat feat. Odd Chap – My Gym
1:13:45 Boogie Belgique – Chicago (ProleteR Remix)
1:17:05 11 Acorn Lane – Mellow Mouser

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