Best of Electro Swing Mix – November 2019

Let’s go to November! Wolfgang Lohr has selected a 90 minutes mix including brand new Electro Swing tracks only. We are looking forward to the strongest Electro Swing month in 2019. Jamie Berry’s new album is out, DJ Mibor teamed up with Alanna Lyes for a Swing Hop banger, Duke Skellington let’s the basses wobble at the “Spooky” remix for Kumiho, Emma Clair takes her time to fly, the Honky Crew produces Swing House at its best, Glenn Gatsby offers a solid remix of Spooky Scary Skeletons and a new release, Schinowatz has a fresh Free Download for you, PiSk remixed a soul track for the Cut Capers, Hans Wachsmann & Wolfgang Lohr are off to the next round, Loredana Grimaudo from the Swingrowers has a collaboration tune with Ursula 1000 and The Swing Bot is constantly and solidly delivering new beautiful vintage numbers. That’s all, isn’t it? #ItMustSchwing 🎉💃

With tracks by: Deladap, Bebo Best, DJ Mibor feat. Alanna Lyes, Hans Wachsmann & Wolfgang Lohr, Kumiho, Duke Skellington, Glenn Gatsby, Dirty Honkers, LVDS, Emma Clair, Jamie Berry, Klischée, The Swing Bot, Ursula 1000 feat. Loredana Grimaudo, Honky Crew, Cut Capers, PiSk, Jojo Effect & Dennis LeGree and WaveZok

0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:04 Bebo Best – James Bond Theme
0:03:23 DJ Mibor feat. Alanna Lyes – Call Me a Lady
0:06:07 LVDS – The Olden Days
0:09:21 Hans Wachsmann & Wolfgang Lohr – Über Den Wolken
0:12:39 Dirty Honkers – Starlow
0:16:36 Emma Clair – Time To Fly
0:20:12 Jamie Berry – Shipshape
0:23:08 Glenn Gatsby – I Wonder Where
0:26:06 Kumiho – Spooky (Duke Skellington Remix)
0:29:44 Klischée – Stick to What You Got
0:33:15 The Swing Bot – Maldita Vida
0:36:37 Ursula 1000 feat. Loredana-Grimaudo – Swing Boom Bop
0:40:31 Honky Crew – Your Mothers Son In Law
0:44:47 Jamie Berry – The Trumpets
0:47:55 Cut Capers – Say What (PiSk Remix)
0:51:04 Luke & The Belleville Orchestra – Flirtatious
0:53:50 Count Basie – Taxi War (Schinowatz Remix)
0:57:18 Jamie Berry – Chicken Feet
1:00:14 Andrew Gold – Spooky Scary Skeletons (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
1:03:18 Jojo Effect & Dennis LeGree – Swing it up
1:06:29 Deladap – So long Baby and Bye Bye
1:10:01 Betty Boop – Red Hot Mamma (WaveZok Remix)
1:12:07 Honky Crew – Harlem Nights

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