Best of Electro Swing Mix – September 2020

Welcome Ladies and Gents to our September Mix 2020!

It’s going to be a great start to September with many unreleased productions and surprises in our beloved Electro Swing genre!

Enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of classic Electro Swing, Neo Swing and Swing Hop. Many world-famous artists are included, but also a few newcomers. Hold your top hats and let’s giddy up! #ItMustSchwing 💃🎷🎩🕺🎛

Including Artists

DINKS, YourEnigma, Odd Chap, Lempo, Balduin, shon abram, Atom Smith, Yabloko Moloko, Glenn Gatsby, Szigeti Juli, Emma Clair, Betty Booom, Professor Elemental, Dr Frenesy, Abrix, Davidian, Amarià, Bunny, Madam Misfit and Wolfgang Lohr


0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:05 DINKS feat. shon abram – September
0:03:01 Foals – Wash Off (YourEnigma Remix)
0:06:09 Betty Booom – Bella Ciao
0:09:05 Out Of My Mind (Odd Chap Flip)
0:12:05 Balduin – Love Drug
0:14:40 Wolfgang Lohr – Re-Ain’t She Sweet
0:17:41 Atom Smith feat. Burkey & Muss Emmma – Voodoo Queen
0:21:03 Lempo – Swinglasses
0:24:00 Emma Clair, Madam Misfit & Professor Elemental – Jungle Swing
0:27:24 Dr Frenesy – Dance With Me
0:30:10 Szigeti Juli – Free Your Mind
0:33:11 Abrix feat. Dashuljanikolaeva – Sweet Memories
0:36:13 Yabloko Moloko – Black Samurai
0:40:47 Amarià – Swing Rabbit ! Swing !
0:44:04 Davidian – Beating the Drum
0:47:51 Odd Chap & Bunny – Whistle
0:50:45 Glenn Gatsby – Big Blue
0:53:39 Atom Smith feat. Burkey & Miss Emmma – Ridin’ Dirty

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