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Release #227

Over the years, Swiss band Klischée has forged its unique Electro Swing style that is addictive and puts us in the...
December 15, 2023/by LadyDot04


Swing into the rhythm with an electrifying remix as ProleteR takes the helm on the iconic LMZG track "Pleins Phares."...
December 14, 2023/by LadyDot04

Release #226

Are you ready for a musical journey in the rhythm of Swing Hop? 🎶 You will be taken there by LVDS, the Dutch Electro...
December 8, 2023/by LadyDot04

Electro Swing Classics

Your favorite Electro Swing Classics and alltimer in one place! Are you ready for the very best classics of Electro Swing?
December 6, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Electro Swing Hits Playlist

Your favorite Electro Swing hits in one place! Are you ready for the very best of Electro Swing? Our Top 100 playlist is filled with the hottest...
December 4, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Electro Swing News 15

I tend to associate November with nostalgia and autumn gloom. However, you know very well that in the world of...
December 4, 2023/by LadyDot04

Snow Swing – Electro Swing Christmas Playlist

Santa is on his way and ready to drop some pre-Christmas goodies for you with our Snow Swing playlist...
December 3, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Release #225

Amarià & Shaun The Jazzman present their new Electro Swing single 'Alligator's Love' - a track that combines the...
December 1, 2023/by LadyDot04

Daisy La Fontaine (US)

Daisy La Fontaine, a versatile Los Angeles singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, bases her work in a lifetime...
November 30, 2023/by LadyDot04

Release #223

Have you wondered what the biggest hit of the 90s by one of the most popular boysbands of all time, the Backstreet...
November 30, 2023/by LadyDot04

Tarmac Rodéo (FR)

Renowned for its live performances, Tarmac Rodéo has been demonstrating the efficiency of its cocktail of dixieland...
November 29, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

The Lost Fingers (CA)

Energy, swing, smiles, humor, musicality, virtuosity and brilliant costumes… In 1928, following a fire in his trailer...
November 29, 2023/by LadyDot04

10 Questions To… The Soulmate Project

I recently found out that my interviews are becoming more and more popular and you are reading them with interest...
November 27, 2023/by LadyDot04

Release #224

The duo Balduin joins the remixers of Alice Francis' songs from the album 'Club Noir' in fine style! "Mr. Jones" is...
November 24, 2023/by LadyDot04

LadyDot Review: Musical Inspirations For Electro Swing Dancers 1

Dear Electro Swing Dancers! You know very well how much we enjoy watching you dance to the music we love and listen...
November 20, 2023/by LadyDot04

LadyDot Review: Caravan Palace – MAD

October definitely belonged to Caravan Palace. As well as releasing their new single MAD after a three-year hiatus...
November 13, 2023/by LadyDot04
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