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Smilin (DE)

Welcome to Smilin’s dance world, you will see her dancing to artists like Parov Stelar, Jamie Berry, Caravan Palace...
May 26, 2007/by ElectroSwingThing

Neiland (NL)

I'm a self taught freestyle dancer, cinematographer, YouTuber...
May 25, 2007/by ElectroSwingThing

Grace Annette (US)

Grace Annette is a young and talented Dancer from the United States. That is what she says about herself:"Before learning Electro Swing...
May 25, 2007/by ElectroSwingThing

Vico Neo (HU)

Vico Neo is a talented dancer and newcomer from Hungary...
May 23, 2007/by ElectroSwingThing

Redi-canDance (UK)

Hi there! My name’s Jason Redican, but you may know me better by my online alias ‘Redi-canDance’. I’m 31 years old and...
May 21, 2007/by ElectroSwingThing

ESS Hachi (JP)

ESS Hachi is a young and talented dancer from Tokyo in Japan and he favors the styles of Neo Swing...
May 21, 2007/by ElectroSwingThing

WhyNot (FR)

Hy my name is Marius an I am better known as the dancer WhyNot. I come from France and I've been dancing to Electro Swing...
May 20, 2007/by ElectroSwingThing

J. Fleaux (US)

J. Fleaux is a professional dancer specializing in flow arts and fire performance. She has over seven years...
May 20, 2007/by ElectroSwingThing

Ephypinkman (DE)

Ephypinkman is a Berlin based Dancer...
May 20, 2007/by ElectroSwingThing

Lena Victoria (AT)

My name is Lena and I’m a self-taught freestyle dancer - I’ve had a passion for dancing since the first time I heard music and I can’t ever stop moving...
May 20, 2007/by ElectroSwingThing
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