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Retronic & Dominic Paul – Sunglasses At Night (Electro Swing Mix)

Sunglasses are only worn at night by people who want to hide some scary secret. Retronic and Dominic Paul have combined their...
October 17, 2023/by LadyDot04

Szigeti Juli & Atom Smith – Black Widow

Amongst all the creatures crawling out of the woodwork this season, beware this one... Szigeti Juli and Atom Smith's have teamed up...
October 13, 2023/by LadyDot04

Wolfgang Lohr – Halloween Swing Phenomena

Raging brass instruments, a Halloween atmosphere and a powerful bass to set the spooky mood.... This is what Wolfgang Lohr's...
October 12, 2023/by LadyDot04

Glenn Gatsby – Somebodys Watching Me (Electro Swing Mix)

Feeling a little haunted these days? The great Glenn Gatsby invites you to his annual Halloween party and makes quite...
October 10, 2023/by LadyDot04

Roaring Halloween 2 Compilation

You just can’t get enough of all the Spooky Scary Skeletons, the Katzenjammer and Stormy Nights? Then brace yourself for the...
October 7, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Alice Francis – Club Noir (Shemian Remix)

How could we possibly celebrate Halloween without the Queen of Electro Swing? Dive into the world of Alice Francis’ “Club Noir”...
October 6, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Bbop – Spooky Scary Skeletons (Future Swing Mix)

The Skeletons are back! Spooky season is finally upon us and who would be a better fit for opening it than Andrew Gold’s Spooky Scary Skeletons?...
October 3, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Spooky Swing Mix 2023

As every year, on the occasion of Halloween, we have for you a new Spooky Swing Mix, which Wolfgang Lohr has prepared especially...
October 2, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Release #220

The only sleeping pills that promise to make you dance! If you are one to appreciate profound and classic Electro Swing...
September 29, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Release #219

Pure happiness in a song! Both musically and lyrically Szigeti Juli have found the secret recipe for a track that is going to put a smile...
September 22, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Release #218

Producer Wolfgang Lohr has teamed up with British singer and guitarist Dominic Paul to bring us a fresh electro swing remake..
September 15, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Release #217

Every Now and then, it’s time for a groovy remix… Electro Swing fans were taken by Sonia Elisheva’s voice on “Every now and then “...
September 8, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Release #216

Do you believe, one could make todays clubs jump with a 1950s ballroom classic? If not, think again…
September 1, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Release #215

Here comes a fresh mix of Electro Swing, Hip Hop, Jazz, Future Bass, Breaks and Neo Swing. Bbop has remixed Alice Francis'...
August 25, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Release #214

What's up Electro Swing Community! We're excited to announce the latest banging release from our label "Electro Swing Thing"...
August 18, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

Release #213

"Stormy Night" - A Swing Hop Summer Collabo from DanyloM & The Soulmate Project! Swing into the freshest track...
August 11, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing
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