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LadyDot Review: 3 Best-Rated Singles

LadyDot has written a review for you of the three singles she rated highest in the latest article...
September 18, 2023/by LadyDot04

LadyDot Review: Parov Stelar – Breathe

New Single From The King Of Electro Swing With A Summer Vibe. Single Review: Parov Stelar & Stelartronic - "Breathe"...
September 4, 2023/by LadyDot04

LadyDot Review: Jive Me Gig Report

Report From The Jive Me Gig In Menthières (France). I love gigs! It's a great feeling when you get to see a live show by...
August 21, 2023/by LadyDot04

LadyDot Review: 3 Best Remixes By… Wolfgang Lohr!

Lately, as I've been listening to various Electro Swing remixes, I thought it was a good opportunity to create a new review series..
July 10, 2023/by LadyDot04

LadyDot Review: 4 New Electro Swing Thing Releases

Did you know that sometimes something you're looking for is already right there, we just don't notice it at first glance?...
June 19, 2023/by LadyDot04

LadyDot Review: Tarmac Rodéo – Grands Soirs (Album)

Time for an Electro Swing in rock & roll style! My friends refer to me as a musical treasure hunter...
June 12, 2023/by LadyDot04

LadyDot Review: Elle & The Pocket Belles – See You Later

Pin-up girls setting out to conquer the Electro Swing music industry! Review of Elle & The Pocket Belles' single - "See You Later"...
May 22, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

LadyDot Review: Lamuzgueule – I AM ANACHRONIC (Album)

When I started writing this review, I thought it would be very easy. I've been listening to Lamuzgueule for a few years now and I think...
May 15, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

LadyDot Review: Morning Light

PiSk's big comeback in great style + a masterful duo of Electro Swing artists = a recipe for a spring/summer hit! Review of the single...
May 8, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

LadyDot Review: Swing Spring Playlist

Spring vibe in Electro Swing style. A review of the “Spring Swing” playlist. Are you feeling the spring? This time, when everything...
April 17, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

LadyDot Review: Too Damn Hot (Phos Toni Remix)

Phos Toni's big hot comeback - how to create the perfect Electro Swing remix? The answer to this question can be found in the following review...
April 10, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

LadyDot Review: The Swing Bot – Art Disco

We've been waiting a few years for this album and finally, at the end of January, The Swing Bot released 'Art Disco'...
March 20, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

LadyDot Review: Lamuzgueule – Pleins Phares

It's time for an Electro Swing revolution! Their second single 'Pleins Phares' is the perfect preview for the release of Lamuzgueule's new album...
March 13, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

LadyDot Review: Midnight At The Speakeasy (Album)

Musical experimentation, Electro Swing vibe, vibraphone and vocals that are impossible to forget. Review of Valerie Giglio's album...
February 20, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

LadyDot Review: Swing’it – Prohibition

Does the band Swing'it have a chance to represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest? Review of...
January 30, 2023/by ElectroSwingThing

LadyDot Review: Snow Swing – Christmas Collection (Playlist)

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas compilation review of Snow Swing - Electro Swing Christmas Collection. I'll be honest, my dear readers...
December 26, 2022/by ElectroSwingThing
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