Caravan Palace Live @ Main Square Festival 2019 (Video)

The French Electro Swing group Caravan Palace diffuses a burst of freshness on the Main Square Festival thanks to its electronic music which revisits the codes of the genre…!

They came back with a new album synonymous with renewal induced by the passing of time: “Chronologic”. Founded in 2008, Caravan Palace has established itself as a forerunner of electro-swing in France through colorful and ever more rhythmic albums. Meet the Main Square Festival, the group sets out on a whole new sound path that will not leave you indifferent. It’s the perfect mix of a live band, an electronic live act with lots of additions from the DAW and a great show that exudes a lot of energy!

The Main Square Festival

Festival established for 15 years now in the emblematic Citadel of Arras (listed as a UNESCO heritage site) in the north of France, the Main Square Festival has established itself as a place of choice on the French music scene. Between international artists, headliners and budding young shoots, the festival offers an ever more ambitious and qualitative program for a guaranteed sound escape.


00:30 Caravan PalaceComics
04:17 Caravan Palace – Wonderland
08:11 Caravan Palace – Plume
11:26 Caravan Palace – Midnight
14:59 Caravan Palace – Miracle
18:52 Caravan Palace – Black Betty
20:57 Caravan Palace – Jolie Coquine
24:28 Caravan Palace – Aftermath
28:23 Caravan Palace – About You
31:53 Caravan Palace – Lone Digger
35:56 Caravan Palace – Rock It For Me
40:13 Caravan Palace – Mighty
46:06 Caravan Palace – Star Scat
50:00 Caravan Palace – Brotherswing (with elements of Dramophone)

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