Crazy Red Balls

Crazy Red Balls is a Swing and Electro Swing band from Barcelona.

Starting with traditional jazz five years ago, in 2019 the guys came to the dark side of the force – Electro Swing. The band creates original songs and uses specially recorded old style samples for it. As an international band, Crazy Red Balls collaborates with musicians all over the world.

So now the guys work in two different styles and in two lineups:
Acoustic Swing – hot and groovy jazz, swing and boogie-woogie from ‘20s-‘50s.
Electro Swing – original dance songs, powerful sound, catchy rhythm and entertaining show!

Vladimir Uspenskii – vocals, guitar, songwriting, sound production
Oriol Fontanals – upright bass
Trio EasyTone – vocals

That’s Electro Swing revival, baby!

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