Deladap – Cars and Flowers (Single & Video)

Cars and Flowers is the third single from the forthcoming Deladap album “Sharp Twist”. The virus might prevent them from playing live,
 but it will never take away their joy in music!

Based on this spirit, the electronic swing masters Deladap from Vienna in Austria prepared the release of their new single under quarantine and now present “CARS & FLOWERS” right before Easter. A rousing song perfectly contrasting tribulation and depression while in home quarantine.

As usual, DELADAP quickly gets down to business: “CARS & FLOWERS” combines sharp beats with a frenzied bass and a joyful brass section!

The story reflects the opposites of men and women, here the car fool repairing his classic car, here the flower queen in her garden, both of them are yearning for the counterpart to our digital and computerized world, for the analogue time, the haptic things … a musical alternative to our smooth, smartphone-driven “time of wipes” …

This post-modern approach can also be seen in the lyrics video for the single, with echoes of Chaplin’s “Modern Times” and playing with the opposites between technology or nature, digital world or sky of stars …

Let yourself be carried away into the electronic swing of a time both for and after quarantine!


Official Lyric Video: Deladap – Cars and Flowers

Directed: Chat Chapeau Nouveau 2020
Photo: Ingo Pertramer
Graphic: 100k

i like cars and flowers baby
i like traffic lights at night
i like to stay up late baby
i like to chill and watch the stars

i like the way you talk, baby
i like the way you hold my hand
i like rainy days baby
when we listen tot he sound

make me feel good
you know how to
you´re the only one i always want to be around
you helped me to put my feet back on the ground

Produktion & Mix: Stani Vana
Add Mix: Wolfgang Lohr
Master: Martin Scheer

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