DELADAP – Premium Multimedia DJ-Set (Video)

Deladap are grateful for you. They’re grateful that they didn’t got hit by the virus. They’re grateful they’re still able to make music. We’re grateful that DELADAP can deliver their first official DJ-Set to you!

It started with a mail from “Rat auf Draht”, Austria’s Kids and Teens Hotline, asking them if they would be part of a charity-gig on “Twitch”, playing a song or spinning a record or two…and ended with DELADAPs Mastermind Stani Vana creating stunning visuals and covering his house as a green screen…because they only want to deliver the absolute best to you!

Playing only original songs from DELADAP is also a tribute to their wonderful bandmembers of DELADAP, as they couldn’t be there in person because of the restrictions.

Wear a mask. Save lives. Spread the music!

Deladap bring the swing into your life!

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