VIDEO: Deladap – Music Has The Power (Live @Szene)

The ((szene)) is one of Viennas most traditional concert locations in Austria. Here you can convince yourself of the live quality of local and international artists. Deladap celebrated its 15th anniversary there on February 14th, 2020 and recorded a fantastic live video recording session of their new musically arranged  track “Music Has The Power”, based on the remix by Wolfgang Lohr. Enjoy this powerful energy on the stage with Deladap, the great Electro Swing band from Austria!

DJ: Stani Vana
Vocal: Christina Kerschner
Sax: Martin Scheran
Trumpet: Alex Valdes
Drums: Mathias Auinger
Guitar: Julian Eggenhofer
Bass: Willibald Rosner

Video Recording: Bernhard Mayr – www.abvideo.biz
Cut: Chat Chapeau Nouveau

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