Deladap – Sassy

Deladap – Sassy (Official Video & New Single)

Finally this January 17 shall be the real start of a great and happy new year 2020 for all Electro Swing Fans & Freaks – as the new single of Electro Swing pioneers DELADAP from Vienna is premiering on the web and on all platforms: SASSY.

You want to know what’s the story behind this song? Well, don’t we all have that one special friend, who’s witty, sharp, daring …?
Always says what she thinks. She’s fun to be around with. That’s Sassy, the girl who rules your world. And this new single is celebrating sassy love and appreciation. Packed in a joyful, speedy and driving Electro Swing-classic to be… you will enjoy, we are sure!

First option to listen to SASSY live: the great gala show of DELADAP in their home-town Vienna on February 14 – a very special St Valentine’s Day to remember. Girls, get your special Valentine’s present for all female guests! Be there. Try and listen to the new single – and spread the word. Because more new and hot stuff from DELADAP is in the pipeline and is getting ready to conquer playlists throughout the world. Watch out!

More live-dates to be added constantly! Be there! Join in! Thanks if you continue to like and share DELADAP’s music with your friends, ALL MORE NEWS ALWAYS ON www.deladap.com

Main-Link for all platforms: Stream & Download “Deladap – Sassy” Here!

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