Dimaa, young French composer and producer of Electronic and Electro-Acoustic music.

He began music at 12 years, passionate rhythms and percussion, the desire to create the very early to discover the sequencer and music programing.

It’s in 2010 that the first projects will make their appearance on the web, the electro tracks, hip hop and reggae.
In 2011 he became fascinated and began the joyous power of electro swing, giving birth to a first album “first jet” made merry melodies and hanging. Good home for it will give life to numerous collaborations with artists from the 4 corners of the world (djs, bands, producers, painters, magicians …).

In 2013, after a scenic year ,in different rooms of France, Swiss and England, the young composer dedicated to his production project, organized around different music styles ; Swing, Soul, Funk, Reggae…with big beats and heavy bass, oriented Glitch Hop, Ghetto Funk and Electro.

In 2015 , he has realeased his second Electro Swing album “Out of time”!

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