Dirty Honkers

We are the mutated ooz of old time dance music and we have come to destroy your stage with our filthy alien swing-core
. . . Shut up!! were talking here!

Dj Neckbreaka is dropping digital mayhem from a future 90’s science-fiction porn flick with his erotic game-midi controllers, designed to tickle your inner lust. Screechy will leave you rock-hard when she shakes her waist and seduces you with her serene voice, joining forces with flapp jack as the super sax attack duo of doom. This trio is without a doubt a ship wreck of space-jazz and bad attitude.

Where we from? Gad comes from the Afro-hummus crescent, the holy mountains cnaán. Flo is the charming ambassador of arrogant pastries and exquisite wines. Andrea frequented the snowy outbacks of the arctics where the rivers run sweet with maple syrup. But now we don’t believe in borders anymore as we live in Berlin and turned hipsters to create the Dirty Honkers. Within the last 3 years we have been playing live shows around Berlin soon expending to Germany and now all over Europe, Russia, Israel and the U.S. Who knows, we might even come near you soon? no one is safe anymore!

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