Electro Swing For Environment

Loredana Grimaudo And Ursula 1000
Together For The Environment!

“SWING BOOM BOP” is an Electro Swing song born from international collaboration between the Sicilian singer and the US producer: a Palermo-New York twinning in the name of music and the environment with a video clip made 100% sustainable and with #ZEROWASTE.

The video clip of “Swing Boom Bop” is online, a song born from the international collaboration between the US producer Ursula 1000 (stage name of Alex Gimeno) and the Sicilian singer Loredana Grimaudo, leader of the band Swingrowers. A twinning between Palermo and New York in the name of music but also of the environment: the video clip, launched as a world premiere in the United States, was in fact designed, created and produced to be 100% sustainable and with zero impact on the environment, #ZeroWaste. Loredana, in fact, is also an activist engaged in awareness campaigns in favor of a sustainable lifestyle and against the environmental pollution: in 2019 she created the project WHY SO TRASHY? on social networks, in which it shares points of reflection on sustainability issues.

The Sicilian singer was contacted by Alex Gimeno to collaborate on his new album and immediately she took this opportunity to involve the American producer in these very dear issues and to extend activism to music too:
“the choice is to create a nonsense song to make the facts speak – tells Loredana -. The set was entirely recreated on the computer with a virtual sphere that symbolizes the Planet acts as a thread and the video closes with a cloud of smoke that symbolizes the toxicity to which we have exposed ourselves. No props, zero waste produced, absolutely no expensive and shiny clothes are banned, we made space for vintage and second hand clothes already present in my wardrobe. Even the problems relating to distance and therefore international travel and CO2 emissions have been eliminated thanks to telematic communication between the United States and Italy. A few simple steps and the idea of a video clip without waste turned into reality. So it’s possible!”

Loredana Grimaudo adds: “Today, more than ever, we need to talk about facts, words are in vain when not supported by concrete actions. Generally in my writing I have always tried to combine strong meanings with Electro Swing music. But this time the words would not have been enough. I want to demonstrate with concrete actions that a very high quality product can be obtained, without generating waste or garbage, that a sustainable lifestyle is not only possible but attributable to all aspects of life. In my case, music. Working with Alex was gratifying, because although he is a legend he humbly supported me in all my ideas and I thank him publicly. Personally I hope that this work can be stimulating for other artists who want to engage actively and take a step forward in this regard”.

The song Swing Boom Bop was written by Alex Gimeno and Loredana Grimaudo. It is part of the Esoterique album by Ursula1000 published by Insect Queen Music and is online on the main digital stores. The video, conceived by Loredana Grimaudo and Alex Gimeno, was directed and edited in the United States by BA Miale, filmed in Palermo by Pietro Vaglica at Lemov Studio. Published by Superior Music Publishing / Distributed by InGrooves / Ursula 1000 Music (ASCAP).

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