Electro Swing Mix – Best of 2020

At the beginning of the year we were happy, it was the “Welcome Back 20s”, and finally the Roaring Twenties are back again. But then everything turned differently, it was a real Sh .. year for everyone, worldwide. The 20s were only a joy and surprise for a few weeks, then there was only bad news. But the music carried us and it gave us courage and we hope that 2021 will be a better year. Let’s Make Swing Great Again very soon and don’t forget #ItMustSchwing! #FU2020

Here comes the Best of Electro Swing Mix 2020, with all the bangers, earworms and hits that our beloved genre has released. Many thanks to all listeners, followers, artists, dancers, bloggers and musicians, who have supported us over the past few years. Enjoy a bit distraction and chillax to fresh Electro Swing! Over 3 hours MEGAMIX!!! 🔥💃 🎩 🙌

Including Artists

Jamie Berry, Parov Stelar, Caro Emerald, Odd Chap, Bart&Baker, Alanna Lyes, Caravan Palace, Wolfgang Lohr, Kumiho, Swingrowers, Glenn Gatsby, PiSk, LVDS, Riff Kitten, Atom Smith, Emma Clair, Mr. Jazzek, Tallulah Goodtimes, 11 Acorn Lane, Szigeti Juli, Klischée, Or3o, The Lost Fingers, Madam Misfit, Deladap, Phos Toni, Betty Booom, Balduin, Duke Skellington, Spekrfreks, Masha Ray, Dutty Moonshine Big Band, Cut Capers, Peggy Suave, Loredana Grimaudo, Papa Tony, Dirty Honkers, Davidian, Kiwistar, Josh And Le Chat, Yourenigma, Melinda Stoika, Varrick Frost, Ginkgoa, Marc Spieler, The Swinghoppers, Tony Wellin, Alessa Ray, SharaX, Fred A. Staire, Justin Fidèle, High Step Society and Julie Huard


0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:05 PiSk – Horny (Electro Swing Cover)
0:03:24 Phos Toni & Wolfgang Lohr – My 20s Woman
0:06:25 Jamie Berry – Who’s That
0:09:35 Glenn Gatsby – Shadow Hat
0:12:26 Parov Stelar – Tango Del Fuego
0:15:29 Odd Chap ft. Shon Abram – September (Elector Swing Mix)
0:18:14 Welcome to the Brass Department (Klischée Remix)
0:21:27 The Swinghoppers & Wolfgang Lohr – Party Like Its 1920
0:24:29 Atom Smith ft. Miss Emmma – Comin’ Up Swinging
0:28:02 Glenn Gatsby – Posin
0:30:56 Or3o – Help Me
0:34:10 Swingrowers – Hybrid
0:37:02 Deladap & Wolfgang Lohr ft. Melinda Stoika – Make Swing Great Again
0:40:22 Parov Stelar – Red Cat
0:44:39 Cut Capers – Let’s Start Again (Odd Chap Remix)
0:47:53 Bart&Baker ft. Nicolle Rochelle – Hey You(Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:52:42 Mr. Jazzek – Gogo
0:55:27 Riff Kitten – Star Saloon
0:58:04 LVDS – 1925
1:00:45 Dutty Moonshine Big Band ft. Crash Party – Fever
1:03:45 Wolfgang Lohr – Hold On
1:06:44 Balduin & Masha Ray – Dirty Dazzler
1:09:48 Mr. Jazzek & Alanna Lyes – Stay
1:12:28 Charlie Puth – Betty Boop (Betty Booom Remix)
1:16:13 Spekrfreks – Can’t Stop
1:20:47 LVDS & Szigeti Juli – Ain’t Nobody (Electro Swing Mix)
1:24:21 11 Acorn Lane – Let’s Face It I’m Cute (Roaring 20s Mix)
1:27:01 Tallulah Goodtimes – Universal Love
1:29:45 Szigeti Juli – Free Your Mind
1:32:45 Spekrfreks – Swing Shift
1:37:39 Papa Tony – Swing Theme (Radio Edit)
1:41:37 Duke Skellington ft. Alanna Lyes – My Mind
1:44:50 Deladap ft. Melinda Stoika – Tiktak
1:48:19 Kiwistar & Josh And Le Chat – BVLKVN
1:50:50 11 Acorn Lane – Let It All Hang Out (Balkan Flip)
1:53:14 Betty Booom – Balkan Bang
1:56:24 Riff Kitten & Alanna Lyes – 20s Are Here
1:59:13 Wolfgang Lohr & Loredana Grimaudo – Twenties
2:02:19 Foals – Wash Off (Yourenigma Remix)
2:05:23 Madam Misfit – Inspector Gadget (Electro Swing Mix)
2:08:26 SharaX – Impostor (Among Us Electro Swing Remix)
2:11:10 Dirty Honkers – Starlow (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
2:15:34 Emma Clair & Alanna Lyes – Walking On A Cloud
2:18:50 Jamie Berry – The Mountain
2:22:17 Madam Misfit – Feels a Little Strange
2:25:11 The Lost Fingers – Touch Me (Mr. Jazzek Bootleg Remix)
2:28:11 Wolfgang Lohr – Re-Ain’t She Sweet
2:31:12 Ginkgoa – Make U Happy
2:34:36 Marc Spieler – Mama
2:37:28 Tony Wellin & Alessa Ray – Lockdown With Me
2:39:44 Davidian – Rap Manouche
2:44:30 Fred A. Staire – Let´s Call the Whole Thing Off (Wolfgang Lohr & Justin Fidèle Remix)
2:50:03 High Step Society – Back to the Roots
2:53:56 Julie Huard – Le Danseur de Charleston
2:56:37 Madam Misfit – The Grinch
2:59:36 Riff Kitten ft. Kumiho – Fallen World
3:03:19 LVDS – Steps on the Moon (Instrumental)

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