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By LadyDot – October 2022

Well, I must admit that I have not been here for a very long time. And I’ve definitely missed you guys a lot during that time. Since March 2021, I have written 68 reviews and 2 concert reports for you. And now the moment has come for me to introduce you to a brand new format – Electro Swing News!

Wolfgang Lohr gave me the idea to create this series of articles back in the summer. We postponed the launch due to the fact that I moved to the village, to my house near Warsaw. I do almost everything myself there, so it takes up a lot of my time. But I always find a moment for you, my dear readers, because I love to share Electro Swing knowledge and musical discoveries. And now, officially, I invite you to read my social media overview, fresh news, interesting facts, gossip (!) and much more Electro Swing information. I hope you enjoy this format. Here we go! :)

Quick Electro Swing News

  •  Huge success for Caravan Palace – at the beginning of September they released the news that their YouTube channel has… one billion views! This is a truly amazing achievement, which will surely show other Electro Swing artists that they have the chance to conquer the whole world – just like Caravan Palace did. Congratulations to you from the bottom of my heart – great job!
  • Halloween madness to the rhythm of Electro Swing! As you know, Electro Swing + Halloween is the perfect combination! Every year, on these chilly autumn days, artists prepare for us a multitude of different songs, alluding to this holiday. On October 3rd, the Roaring Halloween – Electro Swing 1 Compilation was released, and I can’t pass it up and simply have to review it! Well, would you like to read a review of these tracks next week? :) In the meantime, I encourage you to listen to the Spooky Swing – Electro Swing Halloween Mix 2022 – the tracks were selected by Wolfgang Lohr himself, so you’re sure to enjoy!

FYI: The Debut Of An Electro Swing Dancer In… Making Music!

If you’re a fan of Electro Swing dance, you’ll surely know Hachi from the Electro Swing Society. On Instagram, he posts his videos under the nickname @ess_hachi_neoswing. At the beginning of September, he posted two excerpts from songs he had composed. He said he’s just starting out on his adventure into making music. And you know what? It’s actually very good! I really wish I could find these tracks on YouTube.

Hachi, if you’re reading this, be sure to post them there – it’s a really great debut! He has wonderfully combined the saxophone sound with fantastic EDM sounds. As well as being a really talented dancer, we can now also say that Hachi has a great talent for composing music! Be sure to take a look at his Instagram account and check out the posts from 3 and 9 September – you can listen to the tracks there.

Upcoming Album Launches That I’m Looking Forward To!

14th October → Boogie Belgique’s new album – ‘Machine’. In the note prepared by the label Le Plan Recordings, I read that the songs on this album will be closely related to the 1930s. Swing and the big bands popular at the time are something I love, so I can’t wait to finally sway to the rhythm of all these old school sounds!

20th October → Proleter’s new album – ‘Fairuz’. It is this album that I’m waiting for with great impatience. Why? Because he released his last EP, ‘Bubbles’, in 2018, so we had to wait a long time for something more than singles. And secondly, Proleter created it 100% on his own. I love his swing hop sounds – I even included his track ‘U Can Get It’ in my list of My Top 10 Electro Swing Hits – you can read about it HERE. Interesting fact: Proleter celebrates his 40th birthday on 20th October, and I know the best present for him will be if you listen to his latest album – ‘Fairuz’! :)

Electro Swing Gossip!

They say there is a grain of truth in every rumour. All I can tell you for now is that I feel Dimaa will eventually release something new. Believe it or not, this is just a rumour! :) I have been waiting for this for a very long time, because in my opinion Dimaa is one of the best Electro Swing producers. I hope you too will appreciate his music, because it is simply brilliant, created with incredible attention to every detail. And if you are not yet familiar with his work, you can read my review of his best tracks – oh, HERE!

P.S. Did you know that I’ve only created one ‘Best of…’ text so far? It was an episode dedicated just to Dimaa. Do you want more reviews like this? Let me know, I love getting messages from you. And from Electro Swing artists too. ;)

Single Releases – September & Early October 2022

September saw a whole host of tracks released that I can’t get past. I’ve put together a quick list of what’s worth listening to. See those hearts next to the track names? I have rated the songs on a scale of: one heart – I like it. Two hearts: I like it a lot. Three hearts: the track is brilliant!

♥ Szigeti Juli – „Dance” – 2nd September
♥♥♥ Atom Smith, Alanna Lyes, Elliot Deutsch – „Bad Girls” – 2nd September
♥♥♥ Amarià feat. Grisby – „Detective Bitzer” – 9th September
♥♥ Dave Wave – „Spooky Scary Skeletons (Electro Swing Remix)” – 9th September
♥ Balduin – „Sie Will (Electro Swing Version)” – 9th September
♥ FAKE TYPE. – „Beauty Unique Boutique” – 9th September
♥♥ Masha Ray – „Bei Mir Bistu Shein” – 16th September
♥♥ LVDS – „Mumbai” – 23rd September
♥♥♥ Emma Lea & Atom Smith – „Big Bad Wolf” – 23rd September
♥ DJ Mibor – „1935” & „Forest” – 23rd September
♥ Madam Misfit – „Skin You’re in” – 30th September
♥♥♥! Tape Five – „The Hepcats Pyjamas” – 30th September. → that exclamation mark at the end means that this is, in my opinion, the best Electro Swing song that was released in September :)

My Top 3 Electro Swing Tracks – September:
Finally, instead of a summary, I have something for you that I will include in each of my Electro Swing News articles, which are my top 3 favourite Electro Swing tracks that I listened to the most this month!
3. Dimaa – „Fausse Coupe”
2. ProleteR – „Moonlight Jive”
1. Lamuzgueule – „Zoologic”

I hope you found this Electro Swing music journey through news, interesting facts, gossip, upcoming releases and a ranking of the best releases very exciting. The next Electro Swing News is next month. I can’t wait, can you? :)

Written by LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2022-10-11

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