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By LadyDot – January 2023

Well, I have to admit that I haven’t been here for a long time. Christmas, New Year (and with that New Year’s resolutions and more motivation to act and pursue my passions) and lots of other responsibilities. But finally the time has come and I am here, for you. And with me… the fourth article in the Electro Swing News series!

Are you ready for some quick Electro Swing news, ratings of singles released in December 2022 and descriptions of new albums? I was happy to gather all the information for you, which took me days to find, and you, with this article, will know it all in a few minutes! :)

Quick News – Swing’it ESC

Did you know that one of the Electro Swing bands, Swing’it, is taking part in the Norwegian qualifiers for the Eurovision Song Contest! This comes as no surprise to me, because Swing’it are simply brilliant, and I personally love their songs. And I know that ‘Prohibition’, the single they chose to represent Norway at Eurovision, is one of the best Electro Swing songs ever made, seriously!

If you like their songs, ‘Party Like It’s 1923: Electro Swing Spin’ and ‘Champagne: Electro Swing Spin’, I’m sure you’ll like ‘Prohibition’ too. On the 21st of January we’ll find out if Swing’it will make it to the final round, where the top three artists will face off. I for one am eagerly awaiting the final result and am keeping my fingers crossed for Swing’it – because I know that with ‘Prohibition’ they can conquer all of Europe! 😊

Quick News – Spotify Wrapped 2022

The end of November and beginning of December was a time when many artists shared their Spotify Wrapped. And in a nutshell, I’ll give you the streaming stats of those artists who scored really high (and of course, shared this fact on their social media :)):

Congratulations to all the Electro Swing artists who have developed their careers so brilliantly in 2022. I wish you to have already conquered the whole world in 2023! 😊

Quick News – Mikki Wyde

I’m from Poland, so I follow very closely Polish artists who are interested in Electro Swing and are starting to create their own tracks in this music genre. And I have to tell you that I recently discovered Mikki Wyde! This duo has already released several tracks.

I personally highly recommend the singles ‘Wanty’ and ‘Summertime’ to you. Mikki, remember, I’ve got my eye on you and look forward to hearing your new tracks! 😊 P.S. the singer has such a brilliant, warm and passionate voice, and something feels like she’ll soon be much in demand for collaborations with Electro Swing artists!

Electro Swing Single Releases – December 2022

It’s clear and obvious that many Christmas-themed singles were released in December. Usually, these were old, classic songs in new, revamped arrangements. Electro Swing artists, however, did not stop at just these types of compositions.

I have prepared for you a list of all the Electro Swing songs that were released in December (or earlier, if I inadvertently forgot to mention them in the previous edition of Electro Swing News). Of course, I’ve rated each of these singles on a scale you probably remember very well: one heart – I like it. Two hearts – I like it a lot. Three hearts: the track is brilliant!

♥♥ The Swinging Belles – “Welcome To The Flea Circus” – 30th of November
♥♥♥! Mr. Jazzek – “Dream of You” – 2nd of December
♥♥♥ Skalinka – “25 Reasons” – 2nd of December
♥♥ Wolfgang Lohr & Emma Lea – “Santa Baby” – 6th of December
♥♥ Glenn Gatsby & DanyloM – “Hungarian Dance No.5” – 9th of December
♥♥ Betty Boom & Captain Matt – “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” – 13rd of December
♥ Szigeti Juli – “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” – 16th of December
♥♥ Jamie Berry, Swingin Marie – “This Is Me” – 16th of December
♥ Mikki Wyde – “My Name Is Mikki” – 18th of December
♥♥♥ Jamie Berry, Swingin Marie – “Friday Night Cruising” – 23rd of December
♥♥♥! Dave Wave, Ben Dunnill – “Out Tonight” – 30th of December

Electro Swing Album Releases – December 2022

At last! On the 2nd of December, Riff Kitten’s third album ‘Bad Manners’ was released. And I have to tell you that I am really satisfied! This album also features the songs I reviewed, namely ‘Wild Card’ (you can read the review HERE) and ‘Magical’ (review HERE). I really like the composition created with Yabloko Moloko, namely ‘Frequently Flustered’.

Also noteworthy is the incredibly danceable ‘Sixes & Sevens’ and my favourite total swing track – ‘Love Us a Ruckus’. It made me feel that good old vibe I love! Oh, and I couldn’t forget that brilliant piano improvisation you can hear in ‘Blue Note Bounce’. Is this my favourite Riff Kitten album? Definitely yes!

But that’s not all, as another album was released on 2 December: Speakeasy Streets‘Brooklyn Cat Boogie’. This EP is definitely worth a look. Why? Because you can just feel the spirit of the 1930s in these songs!

Lots of gypsy-style melodies flowing from the guitar, lots of brass sounds, energetic, raging violins… It’s a real treat for people who love abundant, “live” instrumentation in Electro Swing tunes. “Brooklyn Cats” and “Happy Days” – these are the tracks I recommend to you the most.

My Top 3 Electro Swing Songs – December 2022

Well, I have to admit that I had the opportunity to listen to a lot of Christmas tunes in December (not least because I reviewed Snow Swing – Electro Swing Christmas Collection – you can read that article HERE.

However, only one of them, which invariably remains my favourite Christmas Electro Swing song, made it to my top 3 list. The others have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas – because I guess with the arrival of the new year I’m definitely already feeling the holidays more than the winter mood. :)

Kisses! Your LadyDot

Written by LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-01-16

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