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By LadyDot – April 2023

Spring has begun. I love the feeling when everything around me is turning green, the sun is appearing more and more in the sky and the thermometer is showing higher and higher temperatures (eh, okay, as I write this article for you at the end of March, it’s -4 degrees Celsius at night in Poland – I want hot weather already, please! Haha).

And spring always heralds the fact that more and more is happening in Electro Swing. Artists are starting their tours and planning the release of new singles and albums. What happened in Electro Swing in March? You don’t have to search for information on this – I did it for you! I’ve got some quick Electro Swing news for you, info on new singles and albums and my top 3 favourite Electro Swing songs I listened to most in March! 😊

Quick Electro Swing News

-> March was definitely a good time for Parov Stelar, who went on tour in the US and Canada. How much North America has fallen in love with his music (and Electro Swing, of course!) is evidenced by the hundreds (!) of photos and videos posted on Instagram. I was at his concert in Budapest a few years ago and I won’t forget the event for the rest of my life! Halls full of fans dancing to his songs, sold-out tickets for the show – this is what I wish for all Electro Swing artists!

-> Have you listened to the songs from the Spring Swing Playlist, created by Electro Swing Thing? A great selection of songs, top Electro Swing artists, a spring vibe… That’s what we need – especially now that it’s getting sunnier in Europe. Although it’s still quite cold in Poland, this playlist totally warms me up and prepares me perfectly for the coming summer! You can listen to it at this link: HERE!!!

-> Johnny James Wright has announced that his brilliant Electro Swing banger, ‘Big Bad Wolf’, already has 1 million streams on Spotify! I congratulate him wholeheartedly and can’t wait for the release of his new album, which will be released on the 14th of April – which is my birthday, by the way! 😊

Electro Swing Single Releases – March 2023

The list of people who released new singles in March included both the well-known artists (Mr. Jazzek, Lamuzgueule, Glenn Gatsby, among others) and debut Electro Swing artists.

One of these is Da’Chabada, and I think it’s worth keeping an eye on him on Instagram and keeping a close eye on his new releases. Admittedly, there haven’t been many single releases this month, while something feels like there will be many more in April!

  • ♥♥ Mr. Jazzek – ‘Balkan Express’ – 3rd of March
  • ♥♥♥ Alice Francis – “Too Damn Hot” (Phos Toni Remix) – 10th of March
  • ♥♥♥ Proleter – “The Last Breath of My Soul” – 10th of March
  • ♥♥♥ Lamuzgueule – “LE COEUR À LA FÊTE” – 10th of March
  • ♥♥ Da’Chabada – “Chabada” – 17th of March
  • ♥ Glenn Gatsby & Bbop – “Spring Swing” – 24th of March
  • ♥♥ The Soulmate Project – “When You Go Down” – 31st of March

You can find all of these tracks and more in our “Electro Swing Hits” playlist on Spotify HERE!

Electro Swing Album Releases – March 2023

-> On the 17th of March, Szigeti Juli released a really good debut album – ‘Wild & Groovy’. And to mark the occasion, I interviewed Juli, the vocalist and founder of the band. If you want to get to know this wonderful woman better, and to find out how their collaboration with Atom Smith on the track ‘Swing Delusion’ went, be sure to read my interview HERE!

-> If it wasn’t for Instagram, I would have had no idea that such a cool, interesting Electro Swing pop album had been made. If you like classic swing tunes, combined with a heavy dose of pop and a dash of electronic music, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy Salme Dahlstrom’s album, “Fabulous”. Songs that caught my ear include ‘Baby Dance With Me’, ‘Guilty As A Girl Can Be’ and ‘Let’s Swing’.

My Top 3 Electro Swing Tracks – March 2023

I love revisiting songs that I used to listen to a lot. One of them is ‘Pony’ from the EP ‘Polishing Peanuts’ (I recommend you the whole album, it’s really excellent, although not exactly electro swing), released by the band Deluxe in 2011. Ah, when I listen to this track full of an amazing positive vibe, brilliant vocals and that magical sax solo, I’m immediately reminded of my first student parties. I love the feeling when the music brings back those best memories.

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Written by LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-04-03

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