Electro Swing Party 2

Compilation by Bart&Baker: Electro Swing Party Volume 2

Wagram Music, original home of Electro Swing, has released the second volume of Electro Swing Party, the new compilation series curated by Bart&Baker!

This collection of 25 tunes offers the best, freshest and most diverse quality collection of the Electro Swing scene. Bart&Baker delivers two exclusive remixes of Humper Dinck’s “Quando”, and GoodCo’s “I wanna be”. The duo has also added two unreleased tracks – “Je l’aime Je l’aime”, and a cover of Katy Perry’s iconic track “Roar”.

The rest of the collection includes tracks by Wolfgang Lohr, Pisk, Klischée, Jojo Effect, Jive Me, Varrick Frost – and hot newcomers Little Violet and Cut Capers. Electro Swing Party has also plugged into more underground tracks including those by Offbeat, Juda Bug and The Swinghoppers.

Last but not least, all of the tracks come from many different continents: Vourteque is a famous DJ and performer from Chicago, and Uzi Mizusaki who is one of the few Japanese Electro Swing acts.

Stream & Download ‘Electro Swing Part Volume 2’ Here!

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