Electro Swing Thing Radio Show #011 By Tony Wellin

Tough times, but spring is back and the Electro Swing Thing Radio Show by Tony Wellin from Italy as well. Electro Swing can give hope and cheer you up a bit in difficult situations and with the #SocialDistancing! 😷🏥🏠🚑

Here is an hour of happy and motivating music to forget about the shutdwon outside a bit. Coronavius ​​can’t stop our lifes, we all have to stay at home for a few days and weeks and then we want to enjoy our social life again. Stay healthy and take care of yourself! #StayTheFuckHome

And now enjoy our Electro Swing Thing Radio Show #011 by Tony Wellin and play it loud! 🔥💃 🎩


Electro Swing Thing Intro
Minimatic – Joe’s Break
02:11 Cut Capers – Wait just a minute
06:10 CupHead – Potato Chips
07:44 Gabriel Kitzmann feat. Arina Popova – Shall We Dance
11:08 DJ Zsuzsu & Klischée – Megarun
13:57 Jenova Collective – Orbital
16:58 Mack the producer – Gigolo
20:59 Pep’s Show Boys & Sebastian Roeser – Singing In The rain
25:41 Marc Spieler – Soul Street
29:37 Sound Nomaden – Goin’ wild feat. Rosantique
32:37 Sud Sound System – Orizzonti feat. Riva Starr
36:46 Balkan Beat Box – Bulgarian Chicks (Lambs Remix)
40:37 Dutty Moonshine – Takin it Back
44:11 Kumiho – Loverman
47:26 Atom Smith – If I don’t fit (Don’t force it)
50:34 C@ in the H@ – Young Wild West
54:38 Ninjula – Bass ‘n’ Honey

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