EST Radio Show 3

Electro Swing Thing Radio Show #003 feat. OB3one

The new Electro Swing Radio Show, with moderator Tony Wellin from Italy, enters the third round. Today’s guest DJ is the Electro Swing newcomer and jazz pianist from Denmark: OB3one!

The finest Electro Swing, Swing House, Neo Swing, Swing Hop, G-Swing, Swing’n’ Bass and the all the Swing related subgenres, will be mixed by Tony Wellin and the Electro Swing Thing family!

Every 14 days there is a one-hour show by the Italian DJ and his friends, introducing the latest Electro Swing hits with the finest Classics. Swing diamonds for every taste. There’s nothing else to say except… stick around and listen! #ItMustSchwing

00. Electro Swing Thing Intro
01. Glenn Miller – Pennsylvania 6-50000
02. OB3one – Intro feat. Desmond Foster
03. PiSk – One Steady Roll (ES vs. SEJ)
04. Wolfgang Lohr – The Swing Phenomena
05. The Swing Bot – Shake Like It’s Coming On
06. Swingrowers – No Strings Attached
07. Balduin & Wolfgang Lohr – Dizzy
08. Jive Me – Lesson
09. OB3one feat. Maylay Sparks – By You (Extended Mix)
10. Duke Skellington feat. Alanna Lyes – My Mind
11. Odd Chap – Downtown Swing
12. Tony Wellin – Let’s Do It
13. OB3one – Paradiso
14. Balduin – Banane (Jazzotron Remix)
15. Kormac – Wash My Hands (Scribble Records)
16. DJ Mibor & Wolfgang Lohr – Very Nice People
17. Mr. Scruff – Get A Move On

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