EST Radio Show 5

Electro Swing Thing Radio Show #005 by Tony Wellin

The Electro Swing Radio Show with moderator Tony Wellin from Italy enters the fifth round. Enjoy his brand new music hour!

The finest Electro Swing, Swing House, Neo Swing, Swing Hop, G-Swing, Swing’n’ Bass and the all the Swing related subgenres, will be mixed by Tony Wellin and the Electro Swing Thing family! #ItMustSchwing


01. LVDS – Café Noir
02. OB3ONE ft. Alanna Lyles – Thievin’
03. Wattie Green – Keep it on the low
04. The Swing Bot – A night in Paris
05. The right place soul – New Orleans
06. Phos Toni – Bye Bye Baby
07. Rosantique ft. Nikola Vujicic – Take me for a ride
08. PiSk – One steady Roll
09. Balkan Beat Box – Blacasio (Phos Toni Remix)
10. DJ Mibor – Dracula swing
11. Jamie Berry – Oh Johnny
12. Bakermat – Trouble
13. Cuphead – The legend of Zelda Ocarina in time
14. The sound diggers – Bearnejackity
15. incontrol & Wolfgang Lohr – Le Swing Ist King
16. JFTH – Rape the piano
17. Jazzotron – I can swing (Nikola Vujcic Remix)
18. DJ Mibor – Live Robot Swing
19. The Swing Bot – Midnight Purple
20. Atom Smith feat. Burkey – Stickup Kid
21. Lyre Le Temps – Everything moves
22. Varrick Frost – Fever (Duke Skellington Remix)

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