EST Radio Show 7

Electro Swing Thing Radio Show #007

The Electro Swing Radio Show with moderator Tony Wellin from Italy enters the seventh round. Enjoy his brand new music hour.

The finest Electro Swing, Swing House, Neo Swing, Swing Hop, G-Swing, Swing’n’ Bass and the all the Swing related subgenres, will be mixed by Tony Wellin and the Electro Swing Thing family! #ItMustSchwing


01. The Electric Swing Circus – Hit & Run (Wolfgang Remix)
02. Sound Nomaden – Swing it feat. MSP
03. Tony Wellin – Is He Dead
04. Wolfgang Lohr – Top Bop
05. Incontrol – Out of time
06. Tinush – Tinnitinush
07. Tinush – Old Man Banjo
08. Wolfgang Lohr & Louie Prima – Flat Foot Floogie
09. Balduin – Banane (Jazzotron Remix)
10. Pep’s Show Boys – The Flinstones (Theme)
11. Peggy Suave – Tellin & Posin
12. Jamie Berry – Chimichangas Cha Cha
13. Vassili Gemini – Ein Bisschein Rumba
14. Offbeat – My Gym ft Odd Chap
15. Teminite & Swing it Dixieband – Party like it’s 1923
16. Parov Stelar – Jimmy’s Gang
17. Caravan Palace – Lone Digger
18. ProleteR – Miss Her

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