Electro Swing Elite Compilation 2016
(Ton liebt Klang)

The Electro Swing Elite Compilation enters the third round! In 2016 also, 19 exclusive tracks are represented again by 27 different artists. The special treat this time is that; in addition, all tracks will be made available in official trading on CD as radio edits. Digital, there are the longer Club mixes as usual, which is appealing for DJ’s especially. Release is scheduled for 25.10.2016, at the Hamburg label “Ton liebt Klang”.

The array of artists stretches over the entire globe, almost a cross section of the global Electro Swing scene. Musically, everything is offered by solid Electro Swing, about Neo Swing, till the Swing House. Hereby, every listener, DJ and clubbers, who likes to dance and ensnare themselves by driving beats and snappy melodies can be is happy. Electro swing is more than just music, it’s a feeling, an attitude, a provocation and a connection. Just as the Swing of Roaring 20’s also has already always been!

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