LVDS – Golden Days (Album)

Proudly finishing off 2020 as one of Electro Swing’s most notable rising stars, LVDS is ready to top off a brilliant year for himself with the release of his daringly diverse debut album, ‘Golden Days’.

Releasing through Electro Swing Thing on the 18th December 2020, LVDS’ talent and versatility shine through each of the album’s 15 tracks. The album encapsulates an exquisite selection of the finest vintage samples with his beloved Hip Hop and Jazz influences, with his no-boundaries approach ushering in sounds of the new with musical pearls of the past.

Acting as a time warp back into the Roaring Twenties, ‘Golden Days’ gives us an insight into why LVDS fell so deeply in love with the genre.

“I always listen to a lot of old 1920-1930s songs. I love to dig up new samples and combine them with the inspiration I have for the new parts of the song”

The album features the angelic voice of Electro Swing Queen ‘Alanna Lyes’, as well as an all-star line up of collaborators from around the globe (Fatherlyshrimp, Sonia Elisheva, Brice Robell, Szigeti Juli). Above all, LVDS‘ album takes listeners on a journey through the diverse and far-ranging landscapes of LVDS’s imagination.

Whether it be the heartwrenching use of instrumentals in ‘Long Gone’ or the captivatingly gleeful swing of ‘Blue Skies’, the album dishes up flavours for all walks of life.

“Let’s all hope for better times and golden days again!” #GoldenDays



01. LVDS – Intro
02. LVDS & Sonia Elisheva – Golden Days
03. LVDS & Iolanda Boban – Mr Sherlock
04. LVDS – Blue Skies
05. LVDS & Szigeti Juli – Ain’t Nobody (Electro Swing Mix)
06. LVDS – Be With U (Swing & Bass Mix)
07. LVDS – Long Gone
08. LVDS – Cafe Noir
09. LVDS & Iolanda Boban – Steps on the Moon
10. LVDS – 1925
11. LVDS & Alanna Lyes feat. Fatherlyshrimp – One Taste
12. LVDS feat. Alanna Lyes – Am I Real
13. LVDS – Steps on the Moon (Instrumental)
14. LVDS – Golden Days (Instrumental)
15. LVDS feat. Various Artists – This is Swing Hop (Bonus Track)

Composer: Laurens van der Smissen / Except Track 5 by David Wolinski
Producer: Laurens van der Smissen
Lyrics: Iolanda Boban (3,9,15), Alanna Lyes (11,12,15), Sonia Gammerman (2), Fatherlyshrimp (11,15), Brice Robell (15), David Wolinski (5)
Vocals: Juli Szigeti (5), Iolanda Boban (3,9,15), Alanna Lyes (11,12,15), Sonia Elisheva (2), Fatherlyshrimp (11,15), Brice Robell (15)
Instruments: Szigeti Juli (5)

Electro Swing Thing Records Album 002
Catalog No.: #ESTA002
Release Date:
© and ℗ 2020 Electro Swing Thing


Ushering in the new but flavored with the old, Netherlands-based Electro Swing producer LVDS charters a ‘no-boundaries’ approach to his productions. He has subsequently built up a name for himself as one of the genre’s rising stars to watch in 2021 and beyond.

Based in the South of the Netherlands, his childhood was packed with a rich pool of musical influences, all of which have helped form his sound that acts as a time warp back to the Roaring Twenties. Combining exquisite vintage samples with crisp drums and modern musical twists, LVDS is placing the final touches on his debut album.

Dropping through “Electro Swing Thing Records” on ‘Golden Days’ (2020-12-18), is a 15 track retro frenzy album of “Swing Hop” beats that encapsulates both LVDS’ diversity and abundance of talent that he holds as a producer.

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