Faith in the Glitch

Joshua Lampman, aka Faith in the Glitch is the founder of The Speakeasy Sessions and the head honcho of hooch and havoc. Crowds have come to expect FitG to electrify the stage in bespoke steampunk attire and his signature bow tie and mustache. Blending sounds from the Jazz Age with cutting Edge House, Techno, and Dubstep, he weaves a unique tapestry of Swing and EDM. These Electro-Swing sets will get the flappers floorflushing and the dapper daddies toe-tapping in a swanky gin-joint, ritzy Manhattan VIP rooftop club, or cutting loose in the most posh night-club in Vegas!

FitG has recently released an Electro Swing EP entitled “The Chronograph Adventures” full of Neo-Vintage tracks that take inspiration from the prohibition era. You can also catch him on the world’s most popular electronic music radio station, Digitally Imported Radio every first Friday of the month on di.fm/electroswing. The prohibition is over, so grab your glad-rags and get zozzled with FitG!

Electro Swing Radio