Kevin J – Dreams Full Of Swing

Kevin J is a 22 years old music producer from the Netherlands, he has been making music for roughly 7 years now and he always used to experiment with a lot of genres and styles. Kevin J originally did a lot of EDM kind of music, later transferring onto Hip Hop but after some time he thought it was time for something refreshing. In his spare time he runs an Electro Swing channel called “Eversince” and he thought: „Why not give Electro Swing a try myself? And here i am,“!

He was always fascinated by the production quality that goes behind making Electro Swing, there is so much to it to make original Electro Swing content. There’s so much freedom when it comes to this genre that Kevin loves! He’ll focus on Electro Swing for the upcoming time and looking forward to see if he can give his own twist to the genre.

That’s what Kevin J says about his first Electro Swing: “Dreams Full Of Swing” is my first take on the Electro Swing genre, I loved the freedom with the Saxophone sounds and making swingy music is completely new to me, The production for this song went really smooth and from the beginning when i made the piano riff I already knew where I wanted to take this track. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do! Enjoy now our Free Download #135! 🎁🎁🎁

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