Grace Annette – Electro Swing Dance Freestyle: Jingle Bells

Enjoy the the nice festive freestyle dance performance by Grace Annette from the United States. Her Electro Swing dance moves fits well with the Jingle Bells version by Wolfgang Lohr & Balduin feat. Scarlett Quinn. It’s something easy and to be enjoyed on these days between corona distancing and family visit!

Grace Annette – Electro Swing Dancer

A little bit about me apart from dance:
• I’m a Christian!
• I’m 54% introverted, 46% extroverted
• I am a college student studying American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting!
• I write music/sing/play guitar and mandolin!
• I like shiny objects, longboarding, watching the sunset, cutting my sandwiches into unequal thirds, and making people smile!
• In three words, I’m bold, enthusiastic, and genuine

I pray that others will experience joy when they watch or interact with me, and that I can leave everyone better off than when they first came. Whatever I do, whether dancing or singing or songwriting, would every breathe I take and every move I make bring glory to God! ❤

Follow her on Insta HERE! & YouTube HERE!

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