Gramophonedzie aka Marko Milićević kicks off 2015 with the launch of his own imprint ʻGramo Recordings, which will become a testing place for new projects as well as exhibiting Gramophonedzieʼs club productions, his live experience interpretations and be a welcome home to like-minded producers.

Having carved out a career for himself as a versatile producer, Markoʼs production career began over a decade ago when he was given a chance to participate in the Red Bull Academy in Ireland as one of the greatest music talents from the region. For him that was definitely a life changing experience and additional motivation to follow his long time dream to pursue career in music.

2009 saw him catapulted into the worldwide spotlight with the release of his track ʻWhy Donʼt Youʼ, – a house track that sampled Peggy Leeʼs swing standard ʻWhy Donʼt You Do Rightʼ in which he combined his passion for classic organic jazz and modern electronic club sounds. Initially signed to Guesthouse before being picked up by Positiva, a sub label of Virgin/EMI, it was one of the biggest club records of that year supported by various DJs.

“Everything happened so fast, I was literally catapulted from doing local gigs to playing biggest festivals and parties around the world”

A rare crossover record, Why Donʼt You was played by the most underground as well as popular commercial artists, which is the reason for it being the No. 1 dance record all over the world. 24 monthly of non-stop touring ensued, Gramophonedzie circled the globe many times over but the life of a ʻsuperstarʼ was never for him…

“I just couldnʼt adjust to superstar feel as I never saw myself that way and never felt I could fit in”

Not succumbing to temptation to start releasing clones of ʻWhy Donʼt Youʼ, his follow up productions, such are bossa nova flavoured ʻBrazilianʼ filtered disco house and Beatport best seller ʻNumber Oneʼ have shown his artistic versatility as a producer.

“I suppose people expected me to make another one but I just wanted to do the same thing, make something I like and if it goes out there, great!, if not I don’t care.”

Marko felt it was necessary for him to take a step back from everything having felt like heʼd lost himself in the supersonic rise to global recognition, it was time for him to regroup and get back in the studio to doing what he loved.

With most of his best tracks being based on a jazz standard they deserved to played live to further appreciate them and

“after some time of wondering around and searching what new to do and make I came to Gramophonedzie Live Experience.”

Gramophonedzie Live Experience will bridge the gap between the club and band by giving life to Gramophonedzieʼs club productions in a live band setting. The 7-piece band brings together vocals, drums, guitar, sax, keys, percussion and Gramophonedzie on a hybrid live production / DJ duties to create a unique and one of a kind musical experience.

The full-length album, currently underway, will be a collaboration of reconstructions of some of Gramophonedzieʼs best tracks, covers and brand new tracks that embody Gramophonedzieʼs distinctive style – popular music fused with jazz/swing arrangements.

As well as the live experience Marko is continuing work on the club productions that he has become recognized worldwide for, Chicago style jackingʼ house, full of funky elements with organic instrumental sounds and distinctive vocals.

“New tunes with Maat Bandy are my search for perfect crossover track, still influenced with jazz and jackin’ house but wrapped with modern garage bass sound”

Marko has also this month also kicked off his new monthly mix series ʻGramo Sessions. Inaugurated by Gramophonedzie, the coming months will see a variety of special guests take the helm – each bringing their unique sound to the mix.

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