Glenn Gatsby & Ashley Slater – Grim Grinning Ghosts

Glenn Gatsby and Ashley Slater teamed up again for a Halloween Electro Swing single. “Grim Grinning Ghosts” is the theme song for the Haunted Mansion attractions at Disney theme parks. Its melody has been adapted for numerous uses since its composition in the late 1960s.

With the vocals and trombones from Ashley Slater and the choir parts from his son Grover Slater, the spooky classic gets a new listen and feel character. Everything is completed in Glenn Gatsby style with Swing House club grooves and Roaring Twenties big band lines. Perfect for Spooktober and the dark season! #GrimGrinningGhosts 🎃 💀 🦇 👻 😈 🌕 📣 Boo!

01. Glenn Gatsby & Ashley Slater – Grim Grinning Ghosts
02. Glenn Gatsby & Ashley Slater – Grim Grinning Ghosts (Instrumental)

Release Date: 2021-10-30

Composer: Buddy Baker
Lyricist: Xavier Atencio
Publisher: Walt Disney Music Company
Producer, Engineer & Arranger: Wolfgang Lohr
Lead Vocals & Trombones: Ashley Slater
Backing Vocals: Grover Slater
Label: Electro Swing Thing / Catalog No: ESTSP018
© + ℗ 2021 Electro Swing Thing

Biography – Glenn Gatsby

Glenn Gatsby is an Electro Swing newcomer from Oslo in Norway. At the age of 21, he has already arrived at his own Roaring 20’s. He plays the piano, trombone and trumpet and loves old Swing music mixed with Electronic Dance Music, especially in the Electro Swing subgenres Swing House, Neo Swing and Swing Hop. He has released his first release on Electro Swing Thing and in the future there will be a lot of new stuff to be heard!

Biography – Ashley Slater

Ashley Slater (born 1961) is a British trombone player and best known for his narration on the television series Boo! as well as his work with Norman Cook (a.k.a. Fatboy Slim) in the band Freak Power.

In 1983 after leaving the army, Slater attended the National Centre for Orchestral Studies, after which he joined the jazz orchestral collective Loose Tubes. Over the next few years he was the bass and tenor trombonist of choice for George Russell, Carla Bley, Andrew Poppy, El Sonido de Londres, Billy Jenkins, Django Bates and Andy Sheppard.

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