Victor and the Bully – Heebie Jeebies (Single)

Victor and the Bully focus on a spooky horror aesthetic on most of their songs. With their new Electro Swing single “Heebie Jeebies” they wanted to create a song that makes people think of Autumn time and when Halloween decorations and pumpkins start appearing in shops.

Victor and the Bully are an upcoming trio from the depths of South East London, UK. Armed with only an ukulele, guitars, steampunk aesthetic, and thunderous backing to create a twisted sound that includes honky-tonk piano, violins, trumpets, and anything they get to get their filthy mitts on to create a ‘Carnival mix’ inspired by swing, mariachi, House, classical and punk to blow the cobwebs away and always get your feet tapping! 🎃💀🦇👻😈🌕📣 Boo!


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