iSwing Top 40 – August 2020 by JC JSum

Welcome back to the Electro Swinger’s Top 40 August I’m your host JC JSum. Emma Clair scored her fourth Number 1 with, “Revelation Robot.” Can she hang on for a second?

Before we get to the Top 10 and Number 1, four new entries this week. First up, DJ Mibor and Godbiz come in with, “Aereophone.” They start at number 40.

The Hebbe Sisters score a first Top 40. “I’ve Got To Be A Rug Cutter,” stops in at number 30.
Phil Mac comes in at 23 with, “Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz.”

And Top Swinging Entry goes to Glenn Gatsby His latest Electro Swing banger, “Take It Easy (Club Mix),” comes in at number 22.

This week’s Big Swinging Shoutout belongs to…

…The Lost Fingers. They just released latest EP VS. 3.
Remaking Pop music classics and creating masterpieces in their own right, The Lost Fingers famously teamed with Swingrowers and took Technotronic’s, “Pump Up The Jam,” to a whole new level.

This time around, they tackle Everything But The Girl’s, “Missing.” Perfect listening for these lockdowny times.
In the top 10, Swingrowers easily make it to the top region in their second week with latest release, “Hybrid.” They start it off at number 10. It’s there sixteenth Top 10.

Riff Kitten and Alanna Lyes double up again. Both tracks move up a spot from last week. “Catatonic,” moves to 9, and “Intergalactic,” steps to number 7.
Rebounding back into the Top 10 is Glenn Gatsby with, “Posin’.” It jumps 11 to 8.

Honky Crew and Dani Milano make a ten pace leap to number 6 with, “Get Up.” It’s Dani’s first and Honky Crew’s third Top 10. At number 5 are Dutty Moonshine Big Band and Hypeman Sage with the very club friendly, “Outlaws.”

Musique Boutique steps up to number 4 with, “La Boutique De La Musique.”
Sitting at number 3 is Emma Clair with last week’s Number 1, “Revelation Robot.”

Caro Emerald’s, “Wake Ip Romeo,” rebounds back up, to stop at number 2.
And new on top is Jamie Berry’s, “Who’s That,” it climbs from 2 to 1. “Who’s That,” is Jamie’s tenth Top 10 and second Number 1. Back in late March of 2017, He topped the iSwing chart with Lost In The Rhythm (Catjam Remix),” featuring Octavia Rose.

Check out the full iSwing Top 40 below.


01 Jamie Berry – Who’s That
02 Caro Emerald – Wake Up Romeo
03 Emma Clair – Revelation Robot
04 Musique Boutique – La Boutique De La Musique
05 Dutty Moonshine Big Band/Hypeman Sage – Outlaws
06 Honky Crew/Dani Milano – Get Up
07 Riff Kitren /Alanna Lyes – Intergalactic
08 Glenn Gatsby – Posin’
09 Riff Kitten/Alanna Lyes – Catatonic
10 Swingrowers – Hybrid
11 Uki Mizusaki – Judgement
12 LVDS & Iolanda Boban – Steps On The Moon
13 Amber Riley/Naya Rivera/Heather Morris – Candyman
14 Glenn Gatsby – Shadow Hat (Club Mix)
15 Damien N-Drix/Morgan J/Anne July – Sing Swing
16 Atom Smith/Burkey – Voodoo Queen
17 Balduin/Masha Ray – Dirty Dazzler (Balduin VIP Mix)
18 Charlie Puth – Betty Boop (Betty Booom Remix)
19 Lyre Le Temps – Boom Bap Swing
20 Allergies/Marietta Smith/Andy Cooper – Say The Word
21 Wolfgang Lohr/Alanna Lyes – Golden Twenties
22 Glenn Gatsby – Take It Easy (Club Mix) 🆕
23 Phil Mac – Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz 🆕
24 Madam Misfit – M.U.M
25 Deladap/Wolfgang Lohr/Melinda Stoika – Make Swing Great Again
26 Matt Forbes – You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You
27 Varrick Frost – Lockdown
28 Bart&Baker/Celine Arnaud – Roar
29 Parov Stelar/Georgia Gibbs – Tango Del Fuego
30 Hebbe Sisters – I’ve Got To Be A Rug Cutter 🆕
31 Little Violet – Silent Movie
32 Ella Fitzgerald – I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Mista Trick Remix)
33 Richard Cheese – Stronger (Fizzy Gillespie & Count Bassy Drum N Bass Remix)
34 Parov Stelar – Pink Dragon
35 Wolfgang Lohr – Astronomia
36 Varrick Frost – Whitebeard
37 Tape Five – Happy
38 Matt Dusk – Summer Wind
39 Atom Smith – Comin’ Up Swinging
40 DJ Mibor/Godbiz – Aereophone 🆕

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