iSwing Top 40 – July 2020 by JC JSum

Welcome back to the Electro Swinger’s Top 40 July I’m your host JC JSum. Last entry, Lil’ Mishka Band scored their first Number 1. The naughty, “Too Drunk To Fuck.” Can they hang on to the lead for a second week?

A whopping eight entries this week. At 39, are Lyre Le Temps with their latest, “Boom Bap Swing.” Pop Star, Charlie Puth comes in at 37 with, “Betty Boop (Betty Booom Remix).” Charlie now brings “Betty Boop,” back for a second chart run. It originally charted back in 2017, making it all the way to number 3.

The Marvelettes have new life on the charts with, “Mr Postman (Extra Medium Remix).” It’s new at 35. Georgia Gibbs returns with “Tra La La (James Jive Edit),” at 33. It charted briefly back in March.

Richard Cheese scores his second Top 40 this year. “Stronger (Fizzy Gillespie & Count Bassy Drum N’Bass Remix),” stops at number 30. Richard charted back in the Spring, at the beginning of the worldwide covid-19 pandemic with, “Down With The Sickness.”

Glenn Gatsby is having a great year, three Top 10’s already and “Shadow Hat (Club Mix),” at 27 seems bound to make it there to. Musique Boutique score a first Top 40 with the ultra fun, “La Boutique De La Musique,” at number 26.

Top Swinging Entry this week belongs to LVDS and Iolanda Boban with the soulful, “Steps On The Moon.” It comes in at number 20. The Big Swinging Shoutout out this week belongs to…

Madam Misfit. Elixir Of Swing, Madam Misfit’s debut album just dropped and is described as “mischievous with a splash of absurdity.” Anyone willing to rap about motherhood, red hair and dissing Elemental Professors gets a fresh, fierce and fabulous two thumbs up with a splash of painted glittery nails from me.

In the top 10, Jamie Berry starts it off with, “The Stampede,” at number 10. Uki Mizusaki makes a huge leap to land at number 9. Her latest, “Judgement,” makes a twenty-two position jump. She last visited a year ago when “Land Jump” reached number 7. “Judgement is Uki’s third Top 10.

Little Violet finally cracks the Top 10 with, “Silent Movie” stopping at number 8. During its first run, back in January, “Silent Movie,” peaked at number 11. The Odd Chap Remix hit Number 1 in April. “Silent Movie is Little Violet’s fifth Top 10.

Lil’ Mishka Band fall from Number 1. “Too Drunk To Fuck,” falls to 7. Caro Emerald’s, “Wake Up Romeo,” moves up three spots to number 6. She also just released a live performance video of the song this week. The third entry in the Top 10 is Vera Lynn’s, “We’ll Meet Again.” It rises nine spots to stop at 5.

Deladap & Wolfgang Lohr and Melinda Stoika stay at number 4 with, “Make Swing Great Again.” Glenn Gatsby’s hit, “Posin’,” also stays at number 3 for a second week.

Parov Stelar and Georgia Gibbs jump four spots to land at number 2 with, “Tango Del Fuego.” Varrick Frost’s latest banger, “Whitebeard,” moves from 2 to 1, to become his third chart topper. Varrick last topped the chart in October when, “Summer Breeze,” reached Number 1.

Check back next month to see if Varrick Frost’s, “Whitebeard,” holds on to Number 1 for a second month. Or will Parov Stelar and Georgia Gibbs take over? I’m JC JSum. Until then, keep your head in the clouds and keep swinging for the stars!

Check out the full iSwing Top 40 below.


01. Varrick Frost – Whitebeard
02. Parov Stelar/Georgia Gibbs – Tango Del Fuego
03. Glenn Gatsby – Posin
04. Deladap & Wolfgang Lohr ft. Melinda Stoika – Make Swing Great Again
05. Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again
06. Caro Emerald – Wake Up Romeo
07. Lil Mishka Band – Too Drunk To Fuck
08. Little Violet – Silent Movie
09. Uki Mizusaki – Judgement
10. Jamie Berry – The Stampede
11. Good Co – Home
12. Dirty Honkers – Starlow (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
13. Jamie Berry – Who’s That
14. Emma Clair – Revelation Robot
15. Emma Clair feat. Madam Misfit – Sugar Rush
16. Kumiho – Put Me In Drive
17. Matt Forbes – Smile
18. Riff Kitten & Alanna Lyes – Intergalactic
19. SpekrFreks – Just Let Go
20. LVDS & Iolanda Boban – Steps On The Moon 🆕
21. Dutty Moonshine Big Band/Hypeman Sage – Outlaws
22. Pokey LaFarge – Fuck Me Up
23. Wolfgang Lohr – Astronomia
24. Swing Ninjas – Do Ya Hallelujah
25. Honky Crew feat. Dani Milano – Get Up
26. Musique Boutique – La Boutique De La Musique 🆕
27. Glenn Gatsby – Shadow Hat (Club Mix) 🆕
28. High Step Society – Number 9
29. C@ In The H@/Navigator- Chicago
30. Richard Cheese – Stronger (Fizzy Gillespie & Count Bassy Drum N’ Bass Remix) 🆕
31. Caro Emerald – That Man (Atom Smith Remix)
32. Juda-Bug – Get Up (With The Get Down)
33. Georgia Gibbs – Tra La La (James Jive Edit) 🆕
34. PiSk feat. Nastazya – Horny
35. Marvelettes – Mr Postman (Extra Medium Remix) 🆕
36. Marc Spieler – Roaring Twenties
37. Charlie Puth – Betty Boop (Betty Booom Remix) 🆕
38. Uki Mizusaki – Land Jump (Kissssy Remix)
39. Lyre Le Temps – Boom Bap Swing 🆕
40. Dutty Moonshine Big Band/Odjbox – Tommy & Loretta

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