iSwing Top 40 – June 2020 by JC JSum

Welcome back to the only Top 40 for modern Speakeasy lovers, I’m your host JC JSum. Last week, SpekrFreks dominated the chart with banger, “Can’t Stop” for a second week. Can they hang on to Number 1 for a third? Might as well get the Big Swinging Shoutout out of the way. This week it belongs to Scott Chantler.

Scott recently released, Bix, a beautifully illustrated graphic novel that details the rise and fall of 1920’s Jazz legend, Leon ‘Bix’ Beiderbecke. You can practically hear the distant brass horns browsing through this nearly wordless graphic wonder. Scott Chantler’s, Bix, is available through Simon & Schuster.

And back to the Top 40. Five new tracks join us this week. Swing Ninjas are at number 36, with “Do Ya Hallelujah.” At number 34, are 11 Acorn Lane with, “Claudette.”

Ten spots up, at 24, is Glenn Gatsby’s, “Posin’.” And above Glenn at 23, is Emma Clair’s latest, “Revelation Robot.” Top Swinging Entry this week belongs to Billie Holiday. Her version of “Strange Fruit (Electro Swing Remix),” flies in to land at number 13.

Lyre Le Temps start the Top 10 off with, “I’m Not A Robot.” It’s their seventh Top 10. It’s been difficult trying to enter the Top 10 for the last couple of weeks. One entry last week, and only one new track this. Papa Tony steps up from number 11, to stop at 9, with his first Top 10, “Swing Theme (Radio Edit).”

Lil’ Mishka Band stay at number 8 with, “Smoke That Jive.” PiSk slips to number 7 with, “Horny.” Lil’ Mishka Band stay at number 6 with the very sexy, “Too Drunk To Fuck.” Dutty Moonshine Big Band and Odjbox also stay at number 5 with, “Tommy & Loretta.” It’s their third week in a row here.

Caravan Palace slips a spot to 4 with, “Moonshine (Bakermat Remix).” Climbing up to third spot are Dirty Honkers with, “Starlow (Glenn Gatsby Remix).” Slipping from Number 1 are SpekrFreks with the massive hit, “Can’t Stop.” And stepping into crown position are Wolfgang Lohr and Nina Zeitlin with the Whigfield remake, “Saturday Night.” For Nina this is her first Number 1. As for Wolfgang, this is his 15th Number 1, and the second this year. Back in February he ruled the chart for three weeks when, “Twenties,” featuring Loredana Grimaudo, reached the top.

Check out the full iSwing Top 40 below.


01. Wolfgang Lohrfeat. Nina Zeitlin – Saturday Night
02. Spekrfreks – Can’t Stop
03. Dirty Honkers – Starlow (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
04. Caravan Palace – Moonshine (Bakermat Remix)
05. Dutty Moonshine Big Band/Odjbox – Tommy & Loretta
06. Lil Mishka Band – Too Drunk To Fuck
07. PiSk feat. Nastazya – Horny
08. Lil Mishka Band – Smoke That Jive
09. Papa Tony – Swing Theme (Radio Edit)
10. Lyre Le Temps – I’m Not A Robot
11. Marc Spieler – Roaring Twenties
12. High Step Society – Number 9
13. Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit (Electro Swing Remix) 🆕
14. Dutty Moonshine Big Band/Hypeman Sage – Bug Band Fam
15. Varrick Frost – Whitebeard
16. Good Co – Home
17. Riff Kitten/Alanna Lyes – 20’s Are Here (Club Mix)
18. SpekrFreks – Just Let Go
19. Emma Clair/Madam Misfit – Sugar Rush
20. Pokey LaFarge – Fuck Me Up
21. 11 Acorn Lane – Little Did She Know
22. Extra Medium/China Bowls/Cab Canaveral – Get Down
23. Emma Clair – Revelation Robot 🆕
24. Glenn Gatsby – Posin’ 🆕
25. Deladap & Wolfgang Lohr feat. Melinda Stoika – Make Swing Great Again
26. Matt Forbes – Smile
27. Yabloko Moloko – La Bovira
28. Dutty Moonshine Big Band/Crash Party – Fever
29. Professor Elemental/Mr Frisbee – Let’s Get Messy
30. Puppini Sisters/Pasadena Roof Orchestra – Groove Is In The Heart
31. Juda-Bug – Get Up (With The Get Down)
32. Wolfgang Lohr feat. Sanna Hartfield – Losing (Balduin Remix)
33. Deladap/Melinda Stoika – Cars And Flowers
34. 11 Acorn Lane – Claudette 🆕
35. Caravan Palace – Moonshine
36. Swing Ninjas – Do Ya Hallelujah 🆕
37. Duke Skellington/Alanna Lyes – My Mind
38. C@ In The H@/Navigator – Chicago
39. Mule Stompers – Nobody’s Business (Dr Fre Remix)
40. Parov Stelar – Piano Boy

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