iSwing Top 40 – May 2020 by JC JSum

Welcome back iSwing fans I’m your host JC JSum. I hope everyone is having a safe lockdown. Last week, Parov Stelar topped the chart with his seventh #1, “Brass Devil.” Will he hang on for a second week?

Before I get to the number one song this week, six new entries join the fourty. The Puppini Sisters and The Pasadena Roof Orchestra stop at 38 with the Deee-lite classic, “Groove Is In The Heart.” And one spot above that is Parov Stelar with, “Piano Boy.”

Mr. Jazzek arrives at 34 with latest banger, “Madame Suka (Club Edit).”
Anet scores a second Top 40 with, “Music.” It stops at number 28.

Postmodern Jukebox is known for showcasing new talent and the lockdown hasn’t slowed them down. “Last Nite,” featuring Sweet Megg comes in at number 22.
The Top Swinging Entry this week goes to Dutty Moonshine Big Band and Odjbox.

They dropped their latest music video for single, “Tommy & Loretta,” and it flies in at number 18. The music video, by the way, is an instant classic.
Big Swinging Shoutout this week goes to…

Extra Medium. This new collection of mostly remixes, Big Dirty Brass Volume 2, should put some spring in your Drum and Swing. Big warning on this one. Do not play while laying down. Extra Medium’s, Big Dirty Brass Volume 2, will bring you to your feet.

In the Top 10, SpekrFreks jump from 13 to 10 with, “Can’t Stop.”
Hans Wachsmann slips from 5 to 9 with the extremely catchy, “Delirium.”
Stepping up four spots to enter the Top 10, with their first Top 10, are Lil’ Mishka Band with, “Smoke That Jive.”

Caravan Palace’s, “Moonshine,” stays at 7.
Riff Kitten also doesn’t move. Two weeks at number 6 for, “Never Mine.”
Duke Skellington and Alanna Lyes still continue to climb as “My Mind,” jumps to 5.

Mr. Jazzek and Felipe Cespedes remain at 4 with, “Funiculi Funicula.”
“Dames,” by Duke Skellington stays at 3, and “Yessir,” by SpekrFreks keeps a hold of runner up position for a second week.

The top four are unchanged this week, meaning, Parov Stelar’s “Brass Devil,” holds on tight to Number 1.

Check out the full iSwing Top 40 below.


01. Parov Stelar – Brass Devil
02. SpekrFreks – Yessir
03. Duke Skellington – Dames
04. Mr. Jazzek/Felipe Cespedes – Funiculi Funicula
05. Duke Skellington/Alanna Lyes – My Mind
06. Riff Kitten – Never Mine
07. Caravan Palace – Moonshine
08. Lil Mishka Band – Smoke That Jive
09. Hans Wachsmann – Delirium
10. SpekrFreks – Can’t Stop
11. Caravan Palace – Moonshine (Bakermat Remix)
12. Wolfgang Lohr/Nina Zeitlin – Saturday Night
13. Phil Mac – Swing 45
14. 11 Acorn Lane – You Make Me Happy (Electro Swing Remix)
15. Dutty Moonshine Big Band/Crash Party – Fever
16. Lyre Le Temps – I’m Not A Robot
17. Deladap/Melinda Stoika – Cars And Flowers
18. Dutty Moonshine Big Band/Odjbox – Tommy & Loretta 🆕
19. Riff Kitten/Alanna Lyes – 20’s Are Here (Club Mix)
20. Varrick Frost – Luci’s Game
21. Good Co – Home
22. Postmodern Jukebox/Sweet Megg – Last Nite 🆕
23. Musical Ghost/OR3O/Adrisaurus – Bad Apple (Electro Swing Remix)
24. Freakpower – Afterbeat
25. Vera Lynn/Katherine Jenkins – We’ll Meet Again
26. Dreams Shadow – Born Swing
27. Sepiatonic – Trailer Swift (Crash Party Remix)
28. Anet – Music 🆕
29. Elliot Adamson – You’ll Never Change
30. Papa Tony – Swing Theme (Radio Edit)
31. Matt Forbes – Smile
32. Club 27 – Crosstown Traffic
33. MelleeFresh/SpekrFreks – Bee’s Knees (Original Mix)
34. Mr. Jazzek – Madame Suka (Club Edit) 🆕
35. Wolfgang Lohr/Offbeat/Nina Zeitlin – Swing In Spring
36. ASM/Youthstar/Illiman/Chinese Man/Scratch Bandits/Baja Frequencia – Party At Jay’s
37. Parov Stelar – Piano Boy 🆕
38. Puppini Sisters/Pasadena Roof Orchestra – Groove Is In The Heart 🆕
39. Mr. Jazzek/Lil Hardin Armstrong – Oriental Swing
40. Juda-Bug – Here We Go Again

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