iSwing Top 50 – March 2021 by JC JSum

Welcome back to the blog, I’m your host JC JSum. DJ Mibor teamed with Alanna Lyes and scored the Number 1 last week, “Hideaway.” Keep reading to see if it stays on top for a second week. Starting off the Top 10 is this week’s Top Swinging Entry. Emma Clair and Alanna Lyes take on The Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin’s, “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves.” The swinging remake debuts at number 10. Swingrowers slip to number 9 with, “Rose.”

Staying at 8 are Lyre Le Temps with their latest, “Summer Leaves.” LVDS and Sonia Elisheva finally climb into the top 10. Their, “Golden Days,” stops at 7 after jumping around the Top 50 for more than two months. Klischeée’s, “Bad Things,” stays at number 6 for a second week. This week’s Big Swinging Shoutout goes to…

Swing Republic. The Best Of Swing Republic featuring Karina Kappel on the Freshly Squeezed label isn’t a new album. Released in 2018, and featuring the very best of the group’s first seven years, the album is an Electro Swing classic. Prime mixing and appearances from Karina Kappel, The Mills Brothers and Billie Holiday really elevate this album.

Current hit from the album, “You Let Me Down,” featuring Billie Holiday climbs to number 12. Back in the Top 10, Caro Emerald’s, “Wake Up Romeo (PiSk Remix),” trades spots with AronChupa and Little Sis Nora’s, “Trombone.” Caro’s, “Wake Up,” is at 5 and, “Trombone,” is at 4. DJ Mibor and Alanna Lyes fall to 3 with last week’s Number 1, “Hideaway.”

Minimatic makes a big leap to number 2 with, “The Jungle Jive.” And new at Number 1 are Wolfgang Lohr, Emma Lea and Ashley Slater. Their collaboration, “Keep On Smilin,” climbs to number 1 in its fourth week.

Visit again next month to see if, “Keep On Smilin,” stays on top?
Check out the full iSwing Top 50 below and keep swinging for the stars. I’m JC JSum

01 Wolfgang Lohr feat. Emma Lea & Ashley Slater – Keep On Smilin
02 Minimatic – The Jungle Jive
03 DJ Mibor & Alanna Lyes – Hideaway
04 AronChupa/Little Sis Nora – Trombone
05 Caro Emerald – Wake Up Romeo (Pisk Remix)
06 Klischée – Bad Things
07 LVDS & Sonia Elisheva – Golden Days
08 Lyre Le Temps – Summer Leaves
09 Swingrowers – Rose
10 Emma Clair ft. Alanna Lyes – Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves 🆕
11 Flash Mob Jazz – Get Lucky
12 Swing Republic/Billie Holiday – You Let Me Down
13 Anet – L’Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle
14 Annella – Selfish
15 Mr. Jazzek & Alanna Lyes – Stay
16 Minimatic – Bongo Craze
17 DJ Mibor – Cosmic Swing
18 BL Bex – Baby Toes
19 Jamie Berry & Little Violet – Guilty Pleasure 🆕
20 Parov Stelar – Brass Devil (Stelartronic Remix)
21 LVDS & Szigeti Juli – Ain’t Nobody (Electro Swing Mix)
22 Caro Emerald – You Don’t Love Me (Pisk Remix)
23 Andra Day – All Of Me
24 Yabloko Moloko – Hot Pants
25 Wolfgang Lohr – Hold On (Club Mix)
26 Jamie Berry ft. Octavia Rose – Make Me Lose My Mind
27 Caravan Palace – Melancolia 🆕
28 Riff Kitten – Star Saloon
29 Deladap – Gambling Girl
30 Jon Batiste – I Need You
31 Pierdavid Palumbo – My Way
32 LVDS & Iolanda Boban – Mr Sherlock
33 Tallulah Goodtimes – Zip Zip
34 OB3one – Body Swinging
35 Tia Brazda – Cabin Fever (Lockdown Remix)
36 Lamuzgueule – Triple Lutz
37 Bart&Baker/Nicolle Rochelle – Hey You (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
38 Swingrowers – Wannabe 🆕
39 Szigeti Juli – Light
40 Atom Smith/Alanna Lyes – Blaze
41 Mr. Jazzek – Break It Up 🆕
42 Ray Collins Hot Club – Out Of My Mind (Odd Chap Remix)
43 Speakeasy Streets – Speakeasy Song
44 Lamuzgueule – Cookie 🆕
45 Riff Kitten – Can’t Force Your Love
46 Lamuzgueule – Cantina
47 Cut Capers – Feet Off The Ground
48 SpekrFreks – Blue Rhapsody 🆕
49 LVDS – 1925 (Swing House Mix)
50 Minimatic – Get Swingy

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