Kiwistar – DJ Mix @ Streampunk 2

Kiwistar is a French-Indian DJ based in Paris. Well Known in the Electro Swing circle all around the world since few years, Kiwistar has play with the major acts of the genre and win some awards at electro swing awards.

He has the reputation to bring the Electro Swing Jazzy Funky Style to another level melting it with Dubstep DNB Trap or Hard Techno in Live, melting the happiness and heavyness.

As a producer, Kiwistar has follow the same path of eclectism and diversity and can produce from 100 to 190 BPM from Chill tracks to Party Anthem. Check his latest release BVLKVN on our label, it’s a Balkan banger HERE!


Streampunk Online Festival

It was our second online festival on several continents on August 8th and we all had loads of fun. An amazing crowd watched & listened us from all over the world. Many thanks to all donators, DJs and organizers, we are be back soon!

Those who missed the event can see and hear all sets again, we upload all mixes separately to our YouTube and SoundCloud. So enjoy and have fun!

If you want to support our DJs, please do so, we are still happy to accept donations. It is the only income that DJs and organizers can currently generate, as there are currently no bookings worldwide! Thank you very much and I hope you will be there again next time and support the entire Electro Swing scene! Donate HERE!

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