Klischée has been shaking up the Swiss music scene for years. Their live performances are famous for making people want to get up and dance. The band is taking live electro to the next level and thus setting the bar very high. Their stunning visuals and nonstop legwork will inspire even the laziest of people to move.

The band know that their music resonates with the crowd because everyone was jumping up and down like bouncing rubber balls. Klischée will do anything to create this atmosphere at their live performances. The group tours extensively and has so far played at some of the biggest Swiss festivals (i.e. Gurtenfestival, Openair St. Gallen, Montreux Jazz Festival, Zürich Openair, Winterthurer Musikfestwochen), sold out clubs (Bierhübeli Bern, Dachstock Bern) and even performed to audiences abroad (i.e. Bestival UK, Boomtown UK, Sazavafest CZ, Astra Berlin DE, Village Underground London UK).

Whoever has seen and heard the band live, will still feel their vibes for days and days. In their live shows Klischée has moved away from their debut, confidently experimenting with various genres. What has stood the test of time is their passion for electronic music in combination with brass instruments. The beat is still thumping and the horns are still blaring. If you’re familiar with the stage presence and the charisma of the lead singer, you’ll be delighted hearing him in the band’s new music. Klischée has found its voice in 2016.

Klischée’s signature sound is just as it has always been. Despite experimentation with other genres their sounds still remains cohesive. Klischée creates every aspect of their art, from writing and producing the music to even creating their own album artwork. Klischée’s music is all about honouring their roots: Blues, Funk, Disco, House, Afro-Pop, Chanson, a dash of Swing, Rap and Trap. They combine all these styles into a musical melting pot for the senses.

The band members come from similar areas of Switzerland, but are now located in Bern, Zurich and Basel. Olten is their creative gathering point. Whoever produces music in the grey and foggy town of Olten has to think in super bright colours. Klischée stands for sweat-inducing beats, electrifying melodies and ecstatic rhythms – but that’s not it! The band is digging deeper and addressing topics like nonconformity, tolerance and diversity. Contemplative, profound, positive, optimistic, summery, crazy at times, always honest, ironic, fresh and exotic. Klischée’s world is not black and white, it’s colourful and bright. When the four of them combine their creative potential the unexpected happens. They know no bounds, they bend the rules and, at times, turn it all upside down.

Electro Swing Radio