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OFFICIAL VIDEO: Lamuzgueule – La Boulette vs. Sing Sing Sing
(Electro Swing Cover Mashup)

Fresh News from our French Artist Lamuzgueule. They present an Electro Swing & Hip Hop mix-cover in a new official Mashup video from their “Swingocracy” album!

It’s a Mix of eras : “Sing Sing Sing” composed by Louis Prima (1934) and already covered in famous versions by Benny Goodman and Henry Mancini, against “La Boulette” by Diam’s, a French Hip Hop hit of the 90’s. Both hits from the 30’s and 90’s have now been combined in a Mashup cover with an explosive and interesting mix. What a comeback in the new Roaring 20’s.

Lamuzgueule, which is known for the styles Neo Swing and Swing Hop, made a great official video for this Mashup. It’s a beautiful and energetic video shot in a big red theater with jazz instruments like saxophone and trumpet!

LMZG comes to shake the crowd. The band hits the stage all over the world, thanks to its charismatic live performances. If you seek them at your record store they will be classified between Caravan Palace and Deluxe. They stand out as a revelation not to be missed!

Enjoy their official music video on YouTube HERE!

Main-Link for all platforms: Stream & Download “SWINGOCRACY” Here!

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