LadyDot Review: Electro Swing From The Polish Backyard!
Mr. Jazzek – Break It Up


It’s the first time I can review a new Electro Swing song before it’s been published (written before the release date 2021-03-12). A few days ago, Jacek Janaszkiewicz, known as Mr. Jazzek, offered me to listen his new song “Break It Up”. So I said: I would love to, I will even write something about it, because the Polish Electro Swing team must stick together. Although I’ve only just started my adventure with writing about this brilliant and very rapidly developing music genre, I already feel like part of the family in this community. It’s just a pity that in Poland it’s represented only by Mr. Jazzek.

Enough of the sadness, let’s get down to business! You won’t hear a vocals in this track. And you know what? Nothing lost! Instead, you’ll get a cool, catchy theme, which starts after a few seconds. My first thought? Well, it reminds me of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean. Or it’s just my overinterpretation. Well, you’ll listen this song tomorrow and you’ll see for yourselves. Or rather, you will hear it.

What captivated me? The brass section of course, which is characteristic for Electro Swing! I love the sound of saxophone, trumpet, trombone and Mr. Jazzek doesn’t spare this instrumentation and we can hear it almost in every moment of the track. The fact is that some people msay feel that there is too much of it all, but definitely not for me! I don’t think there is such a thing for me like an excess of brass sections in songs. 😊

When I close my eyes and turn on this track, I see the orchestra marching through the city streets. I imagine cheerful, smiling people moving their feet to the rhythm of this slightly accelerated march (hmm, it’s a little bit like his electro swing variation about Mozart’s Alla Turca march – be sure to check it out!).

It’s not a track which I’m going to listen again and again, analyse it or something like this. However, it will definitely add it to my holiday playlist. Mr. Jazzek’s goal has been achieved – his music is supposed to cheer you up, give you energy and put you in a positive mood. And this is what Electro Swing is all about!

Written & reviewed by  LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2021-03-20

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